Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ema the Kid - Bullets and Broads (2011)

Some nice hip hop from 2011. Pretty laid back stuff although he sounds like a lot of new rappers that I don't like, but he pulls it off with some excellent production.

1. Intro (Prod. Origimoz)
2. Reach Feat. MusicByJam (Prod. Origimoz)
3. Bullets&Broads (Prod. Cookin' Soul)
4. Burn One Feat. MEX (Prod. Selasse)
5. The Game (Prod. Origimoz)
6. Devils & Gods Feat. MEX (Prod. Wookie Park)
7. Float (Prod. Origimoz)
8. Do What You Like (Prod. Selasse)
9. The Final Plea (Prod. Origimoz)
10. Outro (Prod. Origimoz)



Loop said...

Need to check here more often. Downloading this


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