Monday, September 28, 2009

Gil Scott-Heron - Secrets (1978)

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson made a lot of incredible music together and Secrets is no exception. Soul and Jazz come together with the brilliance that is Gil Scott-Heron's mind and the result is truly inspiring.

1. Angel Dust
2. Madison Avenue
3. Cane
4. Third World Revolution
5. Better Days Ahead
6. 3 Miles Down
7. Angola Louisiana
8. Show Bizness
9. A Prayer For Everybody To Be Free



Friday, September 25, 2009

Marvin Gaye - In Our Lifetime (1981)

The God mixes soul with funk, jazz and beautiful vocals to create one of the best albums ever made. Simply put this album is unbelievably amazing and funky.

1. Ego Tripping Out
2. Praise
3. Life Is For Learning
4. Love Party
5. Funk Me
6. Far Cry
7. Love Me Now Or Love Me Later
8. Heavy Love Affair
9. In Our lifetime


Reggae Friday - Eek-A-Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem (1982)

I am going to see him live in concert tonight so I thought it best to post one of his albums today. If you have never heard Eek-A-Mouse before he isnt your typical reggae artist. He makes crazy noises when he sings and has some rather eccentric lyrics, plus he is most likely possessed by a demon but that is another story entirely.

1. Wa-Do-Dem
2. Ganja Smuggling
3. Operation Eradication
4. Noah's Ark
5. Long Time Ago
6. There's a Girl in My Life
7. Georgie Porgie
8. Lonesome Journey
9. One Hot Summer
10. I Will Never My Love
11. War Don't Pay
12. Slowly But Surely
13. Too Young to Understand



Monday, September 21, 2009

II N Da Chamber - Gotta Have My Money

1999 (Chamber Records)

This Sacramento duo dropped an great g-funk album in the late 90's. The samples for the beats aren't unique, but they are done in a way that doesn't feel like you've heard it before.

1. Beginning
2. Take Another Hit
3. Nappy Head Assassins
4. Pay Like You Weigh
5. Dreamin'
6. Give It Up!
7. What I Wanna Do
8. Down Wit My Niggas
9. Trouble Makers
10. District
11. Let It Flow
12. Gotta Have My $
13. Take Another Hit [Radio Edit]
14. How It Used to Be


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spice 1 - 1990-Sick

1994 (Jive Records)

Apparently OOP classic g-funk album, Spice 1 kicks the gangsta tales over excellent production from the likes of Ant Banks, Bosko and BlackJack. The subject matter is limited, to murder murder and more murder, but it doesn't sound forced or lead to a monotonous album.

1. 1990-Sick (Kill 'Em All)
2. Dirty Bay
3. Mind of a Sick Nigga
4. Drama Listen
5. Mobbin'
6. Survival
7. Tales of the Niggas Who Got Crept On
8. Sucka Ass Niggas
9. Faces of Death
10. 1-800 (Straight from the Pen)
11. Ain't No Love
12. Funky Chickens
13. Snitch Killas
14. Can U Feel It
15. 1990-Sick (Kill 'Em All)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Reggae Friday - Steel Pulse - Reggae Fever (1980)

Originally titled Caught You, it was later renamed to Reggae Fever on the 1990 re release. This is some of Steel Pulse's best work and it will never get old.

1. Drug Squad
2. Harassment
3. Reggae Fever
4. Shining
5. Heart Of Stone (Chant Them)
6. Rumours (Not True)
7. Caught You Dancing
8. Burning Flame
9. Higher Than High
10. Nyahbinghi Voyage


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Collective Efforts - Trail Mix (2005)

The Collective Efforts are a group from Atlanta that combine slamming positivity with funk and soul inspired production. If you've heard of Crown City Rockers, Jurassic 5, or Cyne, they should give you an idea of what to expect. Give this a try, you won't be disappointed.

1. Movin Forward
2. Way Too Long (Ft. DJ Skybeam & H20)
3. Another Soulful Song
4. GP Interlude
5. No Worries (Ft. Gripplyaz)
6. A Peaceful Place
7. Touch My Soul (Ft. Blackshire)
8. Are You Ready
9. Start of It
10. Cre-A-Tivity
11. What It Is... (Ft. Gripplyaz)
12. Let it Alone (Ft. Manchild)
13. Define
14. A Word From Kid Kaos
15. Po Folks
16. Growth Part II (Ft. Minamina Goodsong)
17. Doin' Alright
18. Slowdown
19. Seasons
20. Playin' With Fire (Ft. Gripplyaz)
21. Verseability (Ft. Klev)
22. Strugglin' (Ft. Gripplyaz & Rob Wonder)
23. Place on This Earth
24. What Is Captivating You?
25. Rhymes For Life


1320 Records (MP3 and FLAC)

Herbaliser - Take London (2005)

Classic album for The Herbaliser. There is a good mix of hip hop and electronic sounds all over this record and its very engrossing. Simply put this album is amazing.

1. Take London
2. Nahmean Nahm Sayin
3. Song for Mary
4. Generals
5. Gadget Funk
6. Filure's No Option
7. Lord Lord
8. The Man Who Knows (Interlude)
9. Kittyknapper
10. Geddim
11. Close your Eyes
12. Sonofanuthamutha
13. Twice Around
14. I Know a Bloke (Interlude)
15. 8 Man Strong
16. Serge



Friday, September 11, 2009

Reggae Friday - Prince Jammy - Osbourne In Dub (1983)

Some deep dub pumping action for ya ears.

1. Loving Tonight
2. Reggae Stylee
3. Dance Dub
4. Jah Is With You
5. Chopping Dub
6. Pumping Dub
7. Double Trouble
8. See No Evil
9. Pure Is the Soul
10. Rise Up


Reggae Friday - Roots Radics - Freelance (1985)

The album artwork for this was almost impossible to find, not sure why cause this album is awesome. To best describe this album I can only put it in their own words "We gon mash it up in a crucial style". Roots Reggae at its finest.

1. Earsay
2. Rainbow
3. I'm Not A King
4. Too Much Fuss
5. Party Time
6. Everywhere Natty Go
7. Dance With Me
8. Midnight
9. Mash It Up
10. Reggae On Broadway


Sunday, September 6, 2009

CON - Don't Concentrate On The Finger (2009)

This is a UK rapper that spits with excellent clarity. Its a tape with beats from the producers listed in parentheses but he has mixed in some Bruce Lee quotes and the whole tape is built around the line from Enter the Dragon " Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory". Definitely give this a listen.

1.Intro (MF DOOM)
2.Don't Concentrate On The Finger (J.DILLA)
3.Ohara (MADLIB)
4.Mr.Williams (9TH WONDER)
5.Conlib (MADLIB)
6.Mr.Roper (YOURS TRULY)
7.F Dat Bullsh*t (9TH WONDER)
8.Emotional Content (9TH WONDER)
9.Reality (9TH WONDER)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loer Velocity - Ready For a Renaissance (2006)

Loer Velocity is a new emcee from Yonkers, New York that I think you'll be hearing a lot from in the future. This might be his debut, but the self-described "Renaissance Man" rhymes with so much ease, and so much control, you'd think he's a veteran. Do not sleep.

1. Renaissance Man Intro
2. Nuth'ns
3. Songs I Sing
4. Serenade of Transitional Conflict
5. Crash Test Dummy
6. So High Intro
7. So High
8. Get the $
9. Wolrd of Poverty
10. Bummed Out
11. Centrifugal Ciphas
12. Convo Intro
13. Convo Piece
14. Rehab
15. A-Z

Friday, September 4, 2009

Reggae Friday - The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana (1976)

Legendary reggae album, a must have for any reggae fan.

1. Declaration Of Rights
2. Good Lord
3. Forward On To Zion
4. Know Jah Today
5. Abendigo
6. Y Mas Gan
7. Black Man's Strain
8. Satta A Masagana
9. I And I
10. African Race
11. Leggo Beast
12. Peculiar Number
13. Reason Time
14. There Is No End



Reggae Friday - Humble Soul - Good Lord, Thank You (1996)

Awesome reggae group out of Hawaii, I have actually met the singer before and he is a really chill dude. Great vibe throughout and so many memorable moments for me when I listen to this. Seriously listen to this album if you enjoy reggae, its awesome.

1. I Say
2. Unity
3. Pakalolo Sweet
4. Damn Vampire
5. Misty Mountain
6. Push I Down
7. The Search
8. Sweet Dub
9. Unity Dub
10. Push I Down (Acoustic Version)

CD Baby


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Murs - Murs Rules The World (2000)

Murs kills the story telling music on this album and the living legends production is real nice. This was before Murs teamed up with 9th Wonder and he was still an avid member of the Living Legends crew so the influence is definitely felt in the music. Great album here, Murs best in my opinion.

1. Murs Rules the World
2. Living Legend
3. I Hate Your Boyfriend
4. All Day
5. Making Music
6. Slob My Nob
7. Cha Cha Cha Interlude
8. Way Tight
9. In the Zone
10. I Did It Like That
11. You Want My Move?
12. Like What
13. Sucks to Be You
14. Way Tight [Remix]


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