Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dex AKA Riff Raff McGriff - The Laboratorian Saga LP (2007)

Debut album from the most mysterious member of the Epsilon Project: Dex AKA Riff Raff Mcgriff. Every track on the Labatorian Saga is laced with witty, visual rhyming. Dex is a tremendously versatile emcee that blows you away whether he's tackling a conceptual track like "Summer Song," or spitting battle rhymes on the album finisher "Spit Shine." He's also got some refined production skills. His sound is distinctly boom-bap, with spaced-out dissonant samples, and grimy drums. Play this record loud.

1. The Saga Begins
2. The New 16
3. Respect It
4. Ademisk's Return
5. X On The Move
6. Summer Song
7. Tranquility
8. Today
9. Rocket Boy
10. Night Rider
11. Her
12. Highway to Hell
13. Follow Me
14. Easy Killer
15. Spit Shine

Friday, February 26, 2010

Reggae Friday - Bush Chemists - Money Run Tings (1996)

The actual title to this album (as you can tell by the cover art) is King General Bucks Up Pon De Bush Chemists - Money Run Tings but that was just too much to put in the title. This is the dub group Bush Chemists with vocals by King General. Definitely an album that will put you in the irie mood and keep you there.

1. Money Run Tings
2. Dub
3. Hot Stepper
4. Dub
5. Searching
6. Dub
7. They Say
8. Dub
9. Lightning Strike
10. Dub
11. Show Them
12. Dub
13. Mission Impossible
14. Dub
15. Joker Smokin'
16. Dub
17. Two Face People
18. Dub


Reggae Friday - Bush Chemists - Dub Outernational (1996)

The Bush Chemists are a dub group that make their own style of dub. Their sound is similar in vein to Mad Professor in that they use a lot of different sounds and employ the echo often yet subtly. There isn't the heavy bass that typically accompanies dub music but it works well since there is so much going on in each song.

1. Dub Exploitation
2. Got To Be Conscious
3. Show them the Way
4. Give Thanks & Praise
5. Let Us Know Dub
6. Teaching of Love
7. Survival Dub
8. Armagideon Dub
9. Cultural Dub
10. Dub Outernational
11. Searching Dub
12. Watchful Dub
13. Pure & Clean
14. Roots, Rock, Reggae
15. Righteous Dub


CD Baby


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Doppelgangaz - 2012: The New Beginning (2010)

This was originally a free album but they will press up some copies for you when you order from Amazon. This is some laid back hip hop with some serious lyrics and some funny ones as well.

1. Impish (Intro)
2. Timbuktu
3. Good Hygiene
4. The Groggy Pack
5. Holy (Interlude)
6. Here We Go
7. La La La
8. Oddly Sour
9. Smoke Mics
10. Sign It (Interlude)
11. The Props
12. Vibes
13. Tell Them
14. Sick To My Stomach



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Show & A.G. - Good Fellas (1995)

Showbiz and A.G. made one hell of an album with Good Fellas. Some serious NY/DITC production and even more serious DITC delivery. All of the guest spots are ill (especially Lord Finesse) and Show and A.G. keep you excited (and somewhat heated) for more.

1. Never Less Than Ill
2. You Know Now
3. Check It Out
4. Add On
5. Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
6. Time For
7. Got The Flava
8. Neighbahood Sickness
9. All Out
10. Medicine
11. I'm Not The One
12. Got Ya Back
13. Next Level
14. You Want It


Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Roxbury 02119 (1994)

Roxbury 02119 is a memorable classic from 1994 that is a trademark east coast/NY sound. The album is short with excellent production and lyrics that will keep you coming back for repeated listens. Ed O.G.'s flow and delivery are at his best on this album.

1. Streets of the Ghetto
2. Busted
3. Love Comes and Goes
4. Skinny Dip (Got It Goin' On)
5. I Thought Ya Knew
6. I'm Laughin'
7. I'll Rip You
8. Go Up and Up
9. Try Me
10. Dat Ain't Right
11. Less Than Zero
12. Check It Out


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LA The Darkman - Heist of the Century (1998)

Wu affiliate LA The Darkman dropped one of the best underground albums with a criminally charged theme. This is an underground classic that has been out of print for quite some time. With the familiar wu sound in the production and lyrics becoming of a James Cagney mobster movie this album has all it needs.

1. Lucci
2. Shine
3. City Lights
4. What Thugs Do (Feat. DJ Rodgers & Puff)
5. Heist Of The Century (Feat. Killa Sin)
6. Fifth Disciple
7. Now Y
8. Spring Water (Feat. Raekwon)
9. 4 Souls (Feat. Shotti Screwface)
10. Street Life (Feat. Tekitha)
11. Love (Feat. Maia Campbell)
12. Figaro Chain (Feat. Havoc)
13. Polluted Wisdom
14. G Rule
15. Element Of Surprise (Feat. Masta Killa & U-God)
16. Az The World Turnz (Feat. Raekwon)
17. Wu-Blood Kin (Feat. 12 O' Clock & Ghostface Killah)
18. I Want It All
19. Spring Water (Eißfeldt Remix)


Friday, February 19, 2010

Reggae Friday - Version Dread - 18 Dub Hits from Studio One (2006)

These are dub hits from Studio One and this particular collection is a personal favorite. If you love the version side of dub then you should definitely enjoy this.

1. Why Oh Why Version - Ernest & The Sound Dimension
2. Fire Coal Version - Sound Dimension
3. Creation Version - Winston & The New Establishment
4. Please Be True Version - Sound Dimension
5. Armagideon Version - Willie & the Brentford Rockers
6. Born to Dub - Soul Vendors
7. Pick Up Version - Sound Dimension
8. It Deep, Pt. 2 - Lloyd Robinson & Brentford Disco Set
9. Version Dread - Sound Dimension
10. Declaration Version - Sound Dimension
11. Things a Come Up to Dub - Soul Vendors
12. Zion Lion - Sound Dimension
13. Natty Rub a Dub - Cornell & The Brentford Rockers
14. Give Me This Version - The Heptones & Sound Dimensions
15. Fire Version - The New Establishment
16. Hold Me Baby, Pt. 2 - Basil Daley
17. Train Is Coming, Pt. 2 - Sound Dimension
18. New Broom, Part 2 - The New Establishment



Reggae Friday - Sugar Minott - At Studio One (2004)

These are Sugar Minott hits that he recorded at the famous Studio One. This album is worth the download solely for Give Me Jah Jah.

1. Vanity
2. Please Be True
3. Hang on Natty
4. Never Give Up
5. Jahovia
6. Give a Hand
7. Try Love
8. Roof Over My Head
9. Jah Jah Lead Us
10. Is It True
11. Love Gonna Pack Up
12. Give Me Jah Jah
13. Jah Jah Children
14. Party Time
15. Change Your Ways
16. Come on Home
17. Jah Almighty



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Donny Hathaway - Everything is Everything (1970)

This is the debut album from Donny Hathaway. Soul couldn't possibly sound better than it does on this record especially with Donny's amazing voice and direction. If you are a fan of soul music this album is a must have.

1. Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)
2. Je Vous Aime (I Love You)
3. I Believe to My Soul
4. Misty
5. Sugar Lee
6. Tryin' Times
7. Thank You Master (For My Soul)
8. Ghetto
9. To Be Young, Gifted and Black
10. Dream [#][*]



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animate Objects - Riding in Fast Cars With Your Momma (2007)

Animate Objects is a hip hop band (as in they use live instrumentation, The Roots are the obvious comparison) from Philly making music that ranges from fun-loving and upbeat (El Dorado) to more serious (Phoenix). The production here is great, and of course organic sounding due to a band being involved. The emcees do a solid job throughout; you won't be writing home about them though. Regardless, this album gives off a great vibe from start to finish.

01. The Weight
02. Riding (In Fast Cars With Your Momma)
03. Clive
04. Phoenix
05. Beautiful
06. Midnight Blue
07. Get Back!
08. Slow
09. Zeno's Paradox
10. This Dance
11. El Dorado
12. The Battle Of Now



Friday, February 12, 2010

Reggae Friday - Ranking Joe - Zion High (2003)

This albums is Ranking Joe the Dancehall DJ (roots style dancehall, not current day dancehall) with other songs by Dennis Brown and Black Uhuru. Its got plenty of style and some of the songs Ranking Joe repeats them just in his own style.

1. Ranking Joe - Zion High
2. Dennis Brown - Home Sweet Home Version
3. Ranking Joe - Fire
4. Dennis Brown - Bubbling Fountain
5. Ranking Joe - Love Jah
6. Ranking Joe - Round The World
7. Black Uhuru - Rent Man
8. Ranking Joe - Rent Man Style
9. Ranking Joe - Carpenter
10. Black Uhuru - Wood For My Fire
11. Ranking Joe - Wood For My Fire
12. Dennis Brown - A Cup Of Tea
13. Ranking Joe - A Fish For You
14. Dennis Brown - Slave Driver
15. Ranking Joe - Slave Driver



Reggae Friday - Ronnie Davis - Hard Times (1977)

Roots reggae that is very laid back and easy on the ears. If you listen to Dennis Brown then you will have likely heard several of these songs but Ronnie Davis puts a pleasant spin on them.

1. What You Gonna Do
2. Everynight
3. Hard Times
4. Have Mercy
5. Aint That Loving You
6. You've Got To Come Back
7. It's To Believe
8. What You See Is What You Get
9. Sexy Baby
10. Anywhere


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antennasia - Cinemice (2005)

A friend recommended me Antennasia as I was on my search of not typical pop-rock japanese bands.  Cinemice is their second album and could be classified as jazz-ambient . What definitely sets the mood is the singer's voice. One of my most listened japanese albums... No, it is simply my most listened album.

  1. Prologue 
  2. Takarajima  
  3. Hayek 
  4. Silky Curtain 
  5. 7 Steps (Interlude #1)
  6. Blank
  7. Sorrow 
  8. Let Me In (Interlude #2) 
  9. Slumpin' 
  10. Sofa 
  11. Mermaidance 
  12. Lost (Interlude #3) 
  13. Muaratoi 
  14. Epilogue
Now don't get me wrong.. I love all the songs, but to go easy on the hearts, I just put one next to my favorite song. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arrested Development - Since the Last Time (2006)

Out of Arrested Development's discography, it's a close call, but this is my favorite. It has several great songs, and no filler whatsoever. If you've already heard 3 Years... or any of their others, or even if you haven't, this is definitely worth a listen.

1. Since The Last Time
2. Miracles
3. Down And Dirty (Clap Your Hands)
4. Heaven
5. Sao Paulo
6. Sunshine
7. Stand
8. It’s Time
9. Inner City
10. I Know I’m Bad
11. I Got The Feeling
12. Renee
13. Caught Me
14. Nobody Believes Me



Friday, February 5, 2010

Reggae Friday - Steel Pulse - Babylon The Bandit (1986)

Steel Pulse is arguably the greatest reggae band of all time with their stellar discography and potent yet entertaining message in their music. I could post any of their albums and have no doubt that its one of the best albums ever made.

1. Save Black Music
2. Not King James Version
3. School Boy's Crush (Jail Bait)
4. Sugar Daddy
5. Kick That Habit (Cold Turkey)
6. Blessed Is the Man
7. Love Walks Out
8. Don't Be Afraid
9. Babylon the Bandit



Reggae Friday - UB40 - UB44 (1982)

UB40 made a lot of music over the decades and had many great albums that did well on the UK Charts. UB44 is their third release is a pleasant addition to their stunning discography.

1. So Here I Am
2. I Won't Close My Eyes [Remix]
3. Forget the Cost
4. Love Is All Is Alright [Remix]
5. Piper Calls the Tune
6. Key
7. Don't Do the Crime
8. Folitician [Remix]
9. Prisoner



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aceyalone - All Balls Don't Bounce (1995)

All Balls Don't Bounce, is the debut solo album by Aceyalone, and one of the albums that I really enjoyed on the first spin. One of the most beautiful Jazz Rap album that you can bless your ears with, a definitely personal classic. DON'T SLEEP!

01. All Balls
02. Anywhere You Go
03. Deep and Wide (feat. Abstract Rude)
04. Mr. Outsider
05. Annalillia
06. Knownots (feat. Abstract Rude & Mikah 9)
07. Arhythamaticulas
08. The Greatest Show on Earth
09. Mic Check
10. Call It Cali
11. Headaches and Woes
12. I Think
13. Makeba
14. B-Boy Kingdom (feat. Abstract Rude, Mikah 9 & P.E.A.C.E.)
15. Keep It True (feat. Abstract Rude & Change of Rhythm)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Rasco - Time Waits For No Man (1998)

I wasn't aware of this until today, but Rasco is an acronym for "realistic, ambitious, serious, cautious, organized." If you've ever heard this cali agent spit, you know that's what he's all about. Time Waits For No Man was Rasco's debut, and it displays his rhyme braggadocios in peak form. Behind the boards Rasco recruited a number of the West Coast's pioneering beat makers, and the result is one of the most well produced West Coast albums of the late 90s. PB Wolf's harrowing piano sample on "Sucka's Don't Respect It" is probably my personal favorite, but low-key gems such as the Fanatik produced "Unassisted" shouldn't be underestimated.

1. Intro
2. Time Waits For No Man Ft. Encore
3. Sucka's Don't Respect It
4. Bits & Pieces
5. Major League Ft. Defari & Dilated Peoples
6. Me & My Crew
7. What It's All About
8. View To A Kill
9. Unassisted DJ Battle Ft. Vin Roc
10. Unassisted
11. What Y'All Wanna Do
12. Hip Hip Essentials
13. Hey Love
14. Heat Seeking
15. Outro (Shout Outs)


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