Friday, July 30, 2010

Reggae Friday - Creation Rebel - Close Encounters of the Thirld World (1978)

Some nice Roots Reggae.

1. Know Yourself
2. Conspiring
3. Beware
4. Dangerous And Deadly
5. Shouldnt Do That
6. Creation Fever
7. Natty Conscience Free
8. Joyful Noise


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa No Filla (2010)

Free mixtape from Freddie Gibbs in anticipation of his Str8 Killa EP. If you are not familiar with Gangster Gibbs, he has one of the tightest flows to come around in a long time. His topics range from bitches, herb, dope slang to politics and hard living. Don't sleep on Freddie Gibbs because he is the future.


Restoring Poetry In Music - Pyramids In Moscow (2007)

Restoring Poetry In Music consist of Panacea and the live band they use for concerts. If you are a fan of Panacea, K-Murdock or just some chill hip hop then you will enjoy this album.

1. Grandpa
2. Intro
3. Life Is Change
4. Less Is More
5. Sliders
6. Momenterlude
7. A Quiet Taste
8. Soul Pouch
9. There You Are
10. And Another One
11. Interlude II
12. Winning Losses
13. Sleep Walkers


Friday, July 23, 2010

Reggae Friday - Cornell Campbell - Stalowatt (1976)

More Roots Reggae.

1. Educate The Children
2. The Investigator
3. Control Your Daughters
4. O Jah Forgive Me
5. Let's Do It Baby
6. Have Mercy Oh Jah
7. I Need To Belong To Someone Like You
8. They Can't Get Me Out
9. Jah Jah A Go Beat The Wicked
10. The Stalowatt
11. Will You Always Be Sincere


Reggae Friday - Cornell Campbell - Inspector General (1979)

Roots Reggae, 'nuff said.

1. Rope In
2. Free Up Good Sensimina Herb
3. Broken Hearted Girl
4. You Capture My Heart
5. Sitting And Watching
6. Bandolo - Disco Mix
7. A Solid Foundation - Disco Style
8. I Am Aware Of Love
9. The General


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Sunn x Mydus - Born Alone, Die Alone (2009)

This is a free mixtape from The Black Sunn produced by Mydus. Very laid back and down to earth music, something you put on when you just want to chill.

1. Through The Sun Lyte
2. (We Are..) Born Alone, Die Alone
3. The Mellow
4. Directions (feat. 810)
5. Alone (Interlude)
6. Our Little World (feat. Black Diamond)
7. The Right Feeling
8. Every Need (feat. Black Diamond)
9. Done Wit It (feat. 810)
10. Black Soul Lust
11. I Wanna Go Outside (Interlude)
12. Dawn At Night
13. HurRaneYe
14. Remedy
15. Greener Dayz
16. -Bonus- A Beautiful Day


Monday, July 19, 2010

Jermiside and Danny Diggs - Middle Classic (2010)

Jermiside comes correct on the lyrics, flow and delivery while Danny Diggs provides an excellent production. This is a very easy hip hop album to listen and even the hooks are pretty good.

1. The Inception (Intro)
2. Afraid feat. Maverick Sabre
3. We Here feat. Sabrina Cuie & Donwill
4. Maintainin feat. Soulstice
5. Didn’t I Tell You feat. Von Pea
6. Alright
7. Where We Go feat. Maverick Sabre
8. Still With Me feat. Maverick Sabre & Johnny Roulette
9. Middle Classic
10. Respect (Outro)
11. Didn’t I Tell You (Brickbeats Remix)
12. Still With Me (Kno Remix)
13. We Here (Kev Brown Remix)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Reggae Friday - John Brown's Body - This Day (2000)

If you listen to current reggae and don't know about John Brown's Body then its time to get familiar. I have yet to meet somebody that didn't like their music. Its jammin, warm and downright irie tunes.

1. Isle of Springs
2. Satisfaction Feeling
3. Land Far Away
4. This Day
5. Can You Let Her Go
6. Foolish Pride
7. Poor Man's Prayer
8. Poor Man's Dub
9. Many Names
10. This and That
11. Inversion
12. Jah Works
13. Rip the Curtain


Reggae Friday - Johnny Clarke - Satisfaction (1979)

More classic reggae from legend Johnny Clarke.

1. Riding For A Fall
2. Midnight Cowboy
3. It's A Desgrace
4. Satisfaction
5. I Love You Madly
6. Play Fool Fe Get Wise
7. This Heart Of Mine
8. I Can't Explain
9. Easy Skanking
10. Why Did You Leave


Thursday, July 15, 2010

The O'Jays - Back Stabbers (1972)

One of the most popular Soul groups from the 70's, The O'Jays' classic record Back Stabbers is perfect. Great voices and incredible backdrop of music carry this classic album.

1. When The World's At Peace
2. Backstabbers
3. Who Am I
4. (They Call Me) Mr Lucky
5. Time To Get Down
6. 992 Arguements
7. Listen To The Clock On The Wall
8. Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind Of People
9. Sunshine
10. Love Train


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wu-Syndicate - Wu-Syndicate (1999)

Classic Wu affiliate album from the late 90's. Entirely produced by RZA and the rhymes are strictly mafiaso raps.

1. Thug War
2. Pointin' Fingers
3. Global Politics
4. VA Cats
5. Metropolis
6. Golden Sands
7. Crime Syndicate
8. Where Was Heaven
9. Ice Age
10. Ghetto Syringe
11. Young Brothas
12. Weary Eyes
13. Muzzle Toe
14. Ask Son
15. Wings Of Life
16. Lutunza
17. Bust A Slug
18. The Hit


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

24 Carat Black - Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth (1973)

Classic Soul/Funk that has been sampled a lot by current hip hop producers. This album is a journey through the soul of the 70's and will leave a lasting imprint on your ears. Foodstamps personally is my jam.

1. Synopsis One: In the Ghetto/God Save the World - 24-Carat Black, Warren, Dale [1]
2. Poverty's Paradise
3. Brown-Baggin'
4. Synopsis Two: Mother's Day
5. Mother's Day
6. Food Stamps
7. Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
8. 24 Carat Black Theme


Friday, July 9, 2010

Reggae Friday - The Heptones - Night Food (1976)

This is probably my favorite Heptones album that I have. Fatty Fatty is an awesome song.

1. Country Boy
2. I've Got The Handle
3. Sweet Talkin'
4. Book Of Rules
5. Mama Say
6. Deceivers
7. Love Won't Come Easy
8. Fatty Fatty
9. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
10. In The Groove


Reggae Friday - The Heptones - Good Life (1979)

Roots reggae from the legendary Heptones. Reggae doesn't get much better than The Heptones.

1. Can't Hide From Jah
2. Repatriation Is A Must
3. Natural Mystic
4. New York City
5. Every Day Every Night
6. Good Life
7. Brother And Sister
8. How Could I Leave
9. Black Man Memory
10. Ghetto Living


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random & K-Murdock - Forever Famicom (2010)

If you are a fan of video games then this album is a must have. K-Murdock (producer from Panacea) mixes in a multitude of sounds from games. Random aka Mega Ran tells stories about video games, life and everything in between with a great voice and laid back flow.

1. Episode III (A New Day)
2. Forever feat. Emilie Bogrand
3. Dream Master
4. The Goodness
5. Player Two
6. The Girl with the Make-Up feat. Ariano & DJ Ragz
7. Drop The Load
8. World Tree feat. Damu the Fudgemunk
9. 2k10
10. Epoch
11. Double Dragons feat. Jermiside & DJ Ragz
12. CONtact
13. For The Gamers feat. int80 (of Dualcore) & Schaffer The Darklord
14. Galaxies feat. Matt Howatt


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Reggae Friday - 10 Ft Ganja Plant - 10 Deadly Shots Vol 1 (2010)

All instrumental album from 10 Ft Ganja plant. It is carrying a very western laid back theme, like you are on horseback just out for a stroll through the desert.

1. Bonny & Clyde
2. Apache Kid
3. Dillinger
4. Jesse James
5. Bell Starr
6. Machine Gun
7. Kid Curry
8. Billy The Kid
9. Black Bart
10.The Sundance Kid


Reggae Friday - Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon (1975)

Part dancehall, part dub and part roots reggae. This album jumps around quite a bit but is still a pleasure to listen to.

1. Entering The Dragon (W / B. Ragga)
2. Man From Shooter’s Hill
3. Will You Come Out Tonight
4. (No Way) Now That You’re Leaving
5. Rage Of Love
6. Too Possessive And You Know It Baby
7. War War
8. Like You Going To A Fair
9. You’re Still A Little Girl
10. It Was When Friends Started To Talk About You
11. I Don’t Know You
12. Oh No Not My Baby
13. Words So True


Thursday, July 1, 2010

AG - Everything's Berri (2010)

AG coming back with an album made in tribute to some his friends that have moved on to the next life (Party Arty, Roc Raida and Guru). Produced by AG, Ray West and Menocal this album carries a very laid back and slow style. Style is heavily NY which is no surprise considering AG's DITC background. One of my favorite albums from 2010, this has been on repeat for awhile now.

1. NY So Loud
2. On the Block (3rd Ave. Spot)
3. Infected
4. Xenobia
5. Dancin' With A Shifter
6. MarcBerri feat. Roc Marciano
7. Party Hard, Hustle Hard feat. Party Arty
8. Berriville
9. Tweet Heart
10. Dreams
11. I Wanna Chill
12. Remand Me on My Stay feat. 950plus
13. Destroy Rebuild Repeat
14. No She Didn't
15. Fuck The Club
16. On the Block (Tremont Spot) feat. Abdul Jabar
17. YMI Still Here



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