Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nicolay - Shibuya: City Lights Vol. 2 (2009)

Great instrumental album (with Carlita Durand providing some lovely vocals on a few tracks). Nicolay's already established himself as someone with skill behind the 1's and 2's, and this album shows just what he can do with that skill. The idea is you're going to Shibuya, Japan for a weekend, and this is the theme music for that little vacation. All the beats are lively and wonderfully crafted, and extremely atmospheric.

1. Lose Your Way (Theme From "Shibuya") (feat. Carlitta Durand)
2. Shibuya Suite #1: A. Shibuya Station
3. B. Crossing
4. C. Rain in Ueno Park
5. D. Satellite
6. Saturday Night (Parts 1 & 2) (feat. Carlitta Durand)
7. A Ride Under the Neon Moon
8. Shibuya Suite #2: A. Omotesando
9. B. Meiji Shrine
10. C. Shadow Dancing
11. D. The Inner Garden
12. E. Bullet Train
13. Wake Up in Another Life (feat. Carlitta Durand
14. The Long Journey Home
15. Shibuya Epilogue (feat. Carlitta Durand)



Erule - Cold Currentz (2001)

Straight out of Chicago, Erule reflects the street life through perceptive, outspoken lyrics. There's a lot of rational wisdom stemming from a political, but also personal approach to music. Over the course of this album's 21 solo tracks, you really get behind his perspective. The hazy boom-bap production doesn't hurt either. However, the most amusing part of Cold Currentz is the skits. They're fucking awesome. Don't let this one pass you by.

1.Intro (Cold Currentz)
2. One Rule
3. Agony
4. Rise
5. The Real Me
6. Clowning
7. Rum & Coke
8. (Interlude)
9. Sunshine
10. What Is Life
11. Determined
12. All in All
13. Techicality
14. Only if You Knew
15. Crimm Intro
16. Crimm R.I.P.
17. Deceit
18. Milestone
19. Sabotage
20. Here It Is
21. Nik Luv R.I.P.

Choclair - Ice Cold (1999)

It's frigid cold where I live, so this and the next album I'm going to post seem really appropriate. Choclair is a breakthrough artist from Scarborough Ontario, a concrete jungle on the outskirts of Toronto. This is his debut, and he lives up to his reputation being a versatile street freestyler. Tracks like "Bare Witness" and "Flagrant" harken back to a simpler time in the late 90s, when innovative production became the norm, and emcees spat rhymes between the mainly progressive styles were used to, and the street-oriented language of early 90s Hip-Hop. Enjoy the record.

1. Aussie Intro
2. Ice Cold
3. Let's Ride
4. Rubbin'
5. Takin' It In
6. Bare Witness Ft. Guru
7. Jambone
8. Fresh
9. Kardi's P.S.A.
10. Rollin' Ft. Jully Black
11. Young Gunz Ft. Memphis Bleek
12. Runnin' Wid Us
13. Flagrant
14. Die Hard Ft. Rascalz
15. S.O.T.
16. Da Chiznock
17. Situation 9
18. Rollin' (Radio Edit)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lee Fields & The Expressions - My World (2009)

Amazing soul/R&B album from Lee Fields and The Expressions. The sounds on this album are immaculate and brings you back to the soul of the 70's. Every song makes you want to rewind and listen to it again, over and over.

1. Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
2. Love Comes and Goes
3. Honey Dove
4. Money I$ King
5. My World is Empty Without You
6. Expressions Theme
7. My World
8. Ladies
9. These Moments
10. The Only One Loving You
11. Last Ride



Reggae Friday - Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape (1976)

The Super Ape is in the building and you better watch out for his rawkus dubs. Lee Perry revolutionized reggae and dub music forever with his signature sound and production methods. This album is head nodding, high stepping reggae dubs in demand so don't sleep on it.

1. Zion's Blood
2. Croaking Lizard
3. Black Vest
4. Underground
5. Curly Dub
6. Dread Lion
7. Three in One
8. Patience
9. Dub Along
10. Super Ape



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Vic - Man on Fire Mixtape (2010)

Free mixtape from Little Vic. Most of the tracks are produced by him and all songs are mixed and arranged by Little Vic.

Link from Little Vic blog

Mediafire Link

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reggae Friday - The Itals - Give Me Power (1983)

The Itals are roots reggae that is similar to The Gladiators and The Wailers.

1. In Deh
2. Roll River Jordan
3. Me Waan Justice
4. Kill Crime
5. Give Me Power
6. Make Merry
7. Love Affair
8. Physical Pollution
9. Jah Calling
10. Material Gain


Reggae Friday - Scientist - Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (1981)

Scientist is the protege to King Tubby and he makes very heavy dub music. The bass lines are incredibly thick and a lot of the songs will sound the same on first listen. After multiple efforts you will start to hear the subtleties in his music.

1. Voodoo Curse
2. Dance of the Vampires
3. Blood on His Lips
4. Cry of the Werewolf
5. Mummy's Shroud
6. Corpse Rises
7. Night of the Living Dead
8. Your Teeth in My Neck
9. Plague of Zombies
10. Ghost of Frankenstein


Monday, January 18, 2010

Klondike Kat - Mobbin' Muzik Melodies (1997)

Produced by Klondike Kat & Icey Hott

This album can be best defined by the name of the second track; South Coast Funk. The G-Funk influence isn't hard to distinguish, but its added its own unique flavor to it. Klondike Kat (named after an obscure cartoon character) is very talented; producing, singing most hooks and rapping all over this album.

1. Intro
2. South Coast Funk
3. Classical Hip Hop
4. Rat Head (Snitches) (feat. Big 20 & Icy Hott)
5. Playin' Wit Yo Life
6. Fiends Come Out
7. Ghetto Baby
8. Stay With Me (Feat. J.A.M.)
9. Sleepwalker (feat. PSK-13, Lil' Keke & H.A.W.K.)
10. Loc'ed Out Drop Top (feat. Burton Boyz & Icey Hott)
11. Material Life
12. Gas Chamber (feat. Icey Hott)
13. Murder Script II: Murder For Money (feat. A.C. Chill, Blunt, Dope E, Felony, Ice Lord, K-Rino, Lil' Flea, Lil' V, Point Blank, Ski Bo & Tech-9)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Reggae Friday - Dennis Brown - Words of Wisdom (1979)

Dennis Brown is one of the biggest stars ever in the history of reggae music. He has an amazing voice and his music stands out as some of the best among roots style reggae.

1. So Jah Say
2. Don't Feel No Way
3. Words Of Wisdom
4. Should I
5. A True
6. Ain't That Loving You
7. Cassandra
8. Love Jah
9. Black Liberation
10. Rasta Children
11. Drifter
12. Money In My Pocket



Reggae Friday - Culture - Two Sevens Clash (1977)

Critically acclaimed roots reggae from Culture. Amazing vocals, lyrics and music all come together to encompass everything I love about reggae.

1. Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion
2. Black Starliner Must Come
3. Jah Pretty Face
4. See Them A Come
5. Natty Dread Taking Over
6. Calling Rasta Far I
7. I'm Alone In The Wilderness
8. Pirate Days
9. Two Sevens Clash
10. I'm Not Ashamed



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andre Nickatina - Conversation With a Devil (2003)

This is probably my favorite album under the Andre Nickatina name and is definitely the most listened to of all his albums whether it be Dre Dog or Andre. Nobody sets the song's atmosphere as well as Dre Dog and his stories are engrossing. Couple that with probably the most diverse and in control flow ever and you are bound to create some timeless music as we have here.

1. Conversation With a Devil
2. Fly Like a Bird
3. Rise and Fall of a Rap Cat
4. Pick-Cha
5. Dice of Life (The Bottle)
6. 5th Gear
7. Soul of a Coke Dealer
8. God and the Stripper
9. Falcon and the Snowman
10. Summer in Florida
11. Yo - Andre Nickatina, Sam Quinn
12. Fist Full of Dollars "Green Eyes"
13. Train With No Love
14. Nino Did the Cartah
15. Show Gone Wrong



Omega One - The Lo-Fi Chronicles (2005)

This is a breakbeat/instrumental album from Omega One. It is quite the journey from beginning to end with most songs clocking in at over 3 minutes. Its pretty upbeat most of the way with the occasional depressing moment and lots of different sounds are used.

1. Just A Sample (Intro)
2. Body Double
3. Memento
4. T.A.B.
5. Paper Bag Boxer
6. Mom's Revolver
7. Off The Horizon
8. Interlude One
9. I Want It All (Feat. I Self Divine)
10. The Hashishin
11. Joint Operation
12. Interlude Two
13. 20 Million Miles
14. Cliff Banger
15. Coup D'Etat (Feat. Lodeck)



Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paul Desmond - Bossa Antigua (1994)

Paul Desmond was a jazz saxophonist/composer who is probably best known for composing The Dave Brubeck Quartet's biggest hit, "Take Five". Bossa Antigua is translated from Portugese to mean "old thing", and it's name rings partly true because it has a bossa nova ("new thing", a common Brazilian style of jazz) foundation, but with a lot of old flavor to it. Even if you aren't a fan of jazz music, it's hard not to enjoy this record.

  1. Bossa Antigua
  2. O Gato
  3. Samba Cantina
  4. Curacao Doloroso
  5. Ship Without Sail
  6. Aliancia
  7. The Girl From East 9th Street
  8. Samba Cepeda
  9. O Gato: Alternative Take

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reggae Friday - Sons of Jah - Universal Message (1982)

Some heavy roots reggae with great vocals all coming together perfectly. I love this album because it feels so live and full of energy.

1. Look Mankind
2. How You Love
3. Need Some Company
4. Humanity
5. Might Can't Conquer Right
6. Now Is The Time
7. Universal Message
8. Breaking Down The Barriers
9. Praises
10. Working People


Reggae Friday - Don Carlos - Time is the Master (1979)

Amazing roots vocalist Don Carlos has a large plethora of albums and Time is the Master is one of my favorites. This album is Don Carlos backed by The Aggrovators band. Roots reggae at its finest here.

1. Spread Out
2. Ababajoni
3. It A Go Ram Jam
4. Groove With Me
5. Make The Heathen Love Jah
6. Johnny Big Mouth
7. The Girl Is Too Regular
8. Money And Women
9. My Baby Love Only Me
10. Back Way With Mix Up
11. Better Must Come
12. Stop Fussing And Fighting
13. Lazer Beam
14. Sattamassagana
15. Rivers Of Babylon
16. Sweet Afrika
17. Too Late To Turn Back
18. Late Night Blues
19. Tribulation
20. Sweet Music


Thursday, January 7, 2010

DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo - Blend Crafters (2004)

A nice and short instrumental album here by a couple Dj's. The song Imagine alone makes this album worth the purchase so give it a try.

1. Melody
2. Beat The Odds
3. Lola
4. Bad Luck Blues
5. The Way I Think
6. Shedding Steel
7. Pow
8. The Shit
9. Flute Fidelity
10. Imagine
11. Unwind



The Black Sunn - GodSound Mixtape (2009)

This is some all original music from The Black Sunn so don't let the mixtape tag fool you. It is some soulful production and nice lyrics that is very easy to listen to. Check it out.

1. U Must Love Me
2. Passing By
3. Maybe You'll Understand
4. Dread Man
5. Interlude (feat. Amberly Ellis)
6. Long Road Ahead
7. Pretty Girl Complex
8. Wasting Time
9. Tune In
10. Lady With The Green Eyes
11. Alone High
12. B4 I Die (feat. 810)
13. What's Real?
14. Outta Reach
15. Beautiful Flowers
16. Purple Hayes
17. Shake It Off


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eternal Morning - Soundtrack to a Lost Film (2007)

Unless you're a Korean Hip-Hop aficionado, chances are you're completely unaware of this record's existence. Consisting of Epik High member Tablo, and fellow Korean producer Pe2ny, Eternal Morning is a duo that make elegant, seductive melodies. The strength of this album lies in its simplicity. Instead of bombarding listeners with layers of samples, and technically-imposing drum patterns, Soundtrack to a Lost Film is content with calm string and drum arrangements that let the listener get comfortable inside the rhythm. It's an ethereal experience not unlike a Fat Jon or Samon Kawamura album, only it feels more refined. If you leave this record on repeat, you really start to notice the nuances of the music. The tracks have a delicate balance of sadness and bliss that leaves you musically fulfilled. Unlike the Beat Konducta Vol. 1 - 2 which sounded like the soundtrack to a foreign film, Eternal Morning's album is a soundtrack to your life, and the whirlwind of emotions that life throws at you. If you like instrumental Hip-Hop, do yourself a favour and cop this ASAP.

1. Eternal Morning
2. Plastic Umbrella
3. Love Is
4. White
5. The 8th Day
6. Rainclouds in My Room
7. Holden Caulfield
8. Fingerprints
9. Black Shoe
10. City That Never Sleeps
11. Father's Watch
12. Eternal Mourning

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book (2007)

The third album from Blockhead is something of a mix of his first two just at a much higher bpm. It is pretty much a dance/electronic record but like all Blockhead albums it is very fun to listen to.

1. Coloring Book
2. The Strain
3. Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce
4. Duke of Hazzard
5. Squirmy Worm
6. Put Down Your Dream Journal and Dance
7. The Hucklebuck Slice
8. Not So OK Corral
9. Do the Tron
10. Get Your Regal On
11. Cheer Up, You're Not Dead Yet
12. Trailer Love
13. NYC Bounce



Friday, January 1, 2010

Deep Thinkers - Necks Move (2004)

With a name like the Deep Thinkers, you know you're in for some socially conscious Hip-Hop. Composed of MC Aaron Sutton and DJ Kyle Dykes, this duo makes politically charged music with lush funk and jazz production. Necks Move is a captivating album that contemplates our humanity with forthright intelligence. If you approach this record with an open mind, it can really make you rethink things.

1. Building
2. Rock the Beat
3. Burn 'Em Up
4. The Technicolor B-Boy Slide Show Ft. Beatbroker
5. Here We Are
6. Movin On Ft. Approach
7. Stand Strong Ft. Jimmy Dykes
8. We Live In Kansas City And... Ft. Mac Lethal
9. Kiss the Sky
10. Bottled Slaughter
11. Here One Minute
12. Suggestions
13. War of Words
14. Interruption With Substance Ft. SoundsGood
15. Search and Destroy


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