Sunday, May 31, 2009

Restoring Poetry In Music - Dream Awake (2004)

Restoring Poetry In Music or RPM is from the creators of Panacea and the music is very similar. This is their first album under the RPM title and its got soul, rhythm and flow throughout every song.

1. Grandpa
2. Intro
3. Life is Change
4. Less is More
5. Sliders
6. Momenterlude
7. A Quiet Taste
8. Soul Pouch
9. There U R
10. And Another One
11. Interlude II
12. Winning Losses
13. Sleep Walkers

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11/5 - Fiendin 4 Tha Funk (1995)

Great album from this legendary Bay Area rap group. Dope rhymes over dope ass beats that will certainly satisfy your ears.

1. Herm "Peace, Knowledge, Unity"
2. 11/5 On The Inside
3. Garcia Vegas
4. Straight Murderism
5. Pimp Theme
6. Flat On Yo Ass
7. U.D.C.W.I. Of 11/5 (feat. Cold World Hustlers & U.D.I.)
8. Fiendin 4 Tha Funk
9. The Way I Was Raised
10. Billy "Studio Danksta" Jam
11. Brousin'
12. Hell Raiser
13. Kill-A-Hoe


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boogie Monsters - God Sound (1997)

Boogie Monsters are easily one of my favorite groups from the 90's and this album is good reason why. Not as good as their debut but a little more polished and they have a whole lot to say. Production is is chill and free flowing. Check it out.

1. Intro (1:50)
2. The Beginning Of The End (3:45)
3. God Sound (4:45)
4. And Then What (1:52)
5. Say Word Ft Bahamadia (4:32)
6. Mark Of The Beast II (R.S.V.) (4:46)
7. Hot Water In The Wilderness Ft Tysha (2:25)
8. M.C. (2:44)
9. Bodya (3:31)
10. Behold A Pale Horse (3:29)
11. Photographic Memory (3:48)
12. Sodom & Gomorrah (3:30)
13. The Lunchroom Table (3:08)
14. Whoever You Ar (Wherever You Ar) (4:05)
15. Whistles In The Wind Ft John Doe (5:07)
16. Warning (2:20)



Friday, May 29, 2009

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)

Perhaps best likened to a marching band on an acid trip, Neutral Milk Hotel's second album is another quixotic sonic parade; lo-fi yet lush, impenetrable yet wholly accessible, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is either the work of a genius or an utter crackpot, with the truth probably falling somewhere in between.

No lie, this is one of the best rock albums ever released. If you think you can't find the right rock album for you because everyone seems to scream and it has very loud guitars, this is the album for you. Very calm with amazing vocals (and I mean amazing), and tons of classic tracks. DON'T SLEEP!

1. The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One
2. The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three
3. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
4. Two-Headed Boy
5. The Fool
6. Holland, 1945
7. Communist Daughter
8. Oh Comely
9. Ghost
10. [untitled]
11. Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finale - A Pipe Dream And A Promise (2009)

I think its safe to say that Detroit is putting together some of the best music late into the decade with Finale further cementing that. This album has nothing short of headnodding production and heavy rhythms accompanied by great lyricism.

1. Arrival & Departure (Feat. Awesome Dre) (Prod. by V-Tech & Apollo Brown)
2. Style (Prod. by Kev Brown)
3. Pay Attention (Produced By Slimkat) Interlude - Beat The Drums (Prod. By Shamus O’Flannigan)
4. The Waiting Game (Feat. Prince Whippa Whip) (Prod. by Khrysis)
5. One Man Show (Prod. by Black Milk) (Scratches By DJ Presyce)
6. Jumper Cables (Prod. by Nottz)
7. A Reason (Prod. by Ta’raach)
8. Motor Music (Prod. by Black Milk)
9. Heat (Prod. by J Dilla) (Scratches by DJ Sicari)
10. Issues (Interlude) (Feat. Prince Whippa Whip) (Prod. by Dimlite)
11. Brother’s Keeper (Prod. by Nottz)
12. The Senator (Prod. by Waajeed)
13. What You Mean To Me (Prod. by MPhazes)
14. A Pipe Dream And A Promise (Feat. Monica Blaire & Allan Barnes) (Prod. by Oddisee)
15. Paid Homage (R.I.P. J Dilla) (Prod. by Flying Lotus) (Bonus Track)



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Superstar Quamallah - Invisible Man (2009)

This album is simply incredible. Superstar Quamallah's voice and delivery flow effortlessly over impressive production. From the depth of his jazz roots he comes correct on this record. A must purchase.

1. Mr. Righteous (Intro)
2. You Need Knowledge
3. 88 Soul
4. Black Shakespeare
5. For My People…Its Spiritual
6. Lonely At The Top
7. Just Listen
8. California Dreamin’
9. Purity
10. Kunta Kente
11. 1993 Shit
12. We Got Plots
13. Do Win-Dis
14. Hope She Remembers Me



Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Low Playaz - Straight Out The Labb (1995)

Dope album from these Bay Area cats. Produced by JT The Bigga Figga. Some wonderful g-funk for your ears.

1. Allah And JT
2. Straight Out The Labb
3. Crooked 2 The Game
4. You Gotta Lay Down
5. Locked Up
6. Society Is A Menace
7. Other Side Of The Game
8. Game Recognize Game (Remixx)
9. Gafflin'
10. Ashes To Ashes
11. G's About The Situation
12. Alot Of Thangz
13. Recognize Me



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Dave Matthews Band though you may have never listened to any of their albums. This is their debut album from 1994 and it's got some of their greatest hits. I have been a fan of DMB way before rap, way before most if not all of the music I listen to today. I've seen them a good 4 times live in concert and they put on a good one. Anyway, this is a great starting point for y'all even though every one of their albums is excellent in it's own way. Enjoy!
  1. "The Best of What's Around" – 4:17
  2. "What Would You Say" – 3:43
  3. "Satellite" – 4:52
  4. "Rhyme & Reason" – 5:16
  5. "Typical Situation" – 5:59
  6. "Dancing Nancies" – 6:08
  7. "Ants Marching" – 4:31
  8. "Lover Lay Down" – 5:38
  9. "Jimi Thing" – 5:57
  10. "Warehouse" – 7:06
  11. "Pay for What You Get" – 4:35
  12. "#34" (David J. Matthews, Haines Fullerton) – 4:58


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tanya Morgan - Brooklynati (2009)

Great album from the Tanya Morgan Project. Great production coupled with smooth and soulful lyrics. This is a must buy.

1. On Our Way
2. Alleye Need (feat. Piakhan)
3. So Damn Down
4. Bang N Boogie
5. Don't U Holla (feat. Jermiside)
6. Hardcore Gentlemen
7. Plan B (feat. Napoleon)
8. Intermission (feat. Peter Hadarv)
9. Without U (feat. Phonte / Brittany Boscoe)
10. Never 2ndary (feat. Jermiside / Che Grand / Elucid / Spec Boogie)
11. Just Not True
12. Morgan Blu (feat. Blu)
13. Never Enough (feat. Carlitta Durand)
14. We're Fly (feat. Kay of The Foundation / Chop)
15. Just Arrived (feat. Miss Info)
16. Forgot 2 Say

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Superstar Quamallah - Godfood/ The Break-Fast (2007)

Dope instrumental album from Superstar Quamallah. This album has some rapping on it but its mostly an instrumental cut. Love Has Madeus will make you have an eargasm every time. This is a must listen.

1. My Unusual Style
2. Holy
3. Love Has Madeus
4. God Radio
5. Everything
6. It’s Gonna Hurt
7. Win We
8. Nuthin’ Without My Girl
9. Hola - Llah
10. Imagine
11. I Bet Ya
12. Panties
13. Son of a Jazz Legend
14. Crying Numbers
15. Planet - Brooklyn
16. Hello - Don’t Change
17. Hubris
18. Cutmaster
19. Microphone Doctor
20. Crushed My Pride
21. I Feel Like…
22. I Can Dig It
23. Jump Call
24. Thrill Rider
25. It’s Too Late
26. The Way
27. Llah - Llah

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oddisee - Mental Liberation (2009)

Dope album from Oddisee for the 2009 era. Smooth production and on point rhyming make this an almost sure fire purchase. Give this one a listen.

1. Hip Hop’s Cool Again
2. Let The Music (Feat. LMNO)
3. The Jungle (Feat. Hassaan Mackey & Bilal Salaam)
4. Get Up (Feat. Declaime, Prince Po, Yu & DJ Clear)
5. Q & A (Feat. Kenn Starr)
6. Rhymes Get Written (Feat. Silent Knight & XO)
7. What’s Crazy (Feat. J-Live & Stik Figa)
8. Cold For That (Feat. Trek Life)
9. Endure Remix (Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow, MED & Rapper Pooh)
10. Don’t Sleep Remix (Feat. Invincible & Finale)
11. Drugs Outside Remix (Feat. Black Milk, Rapper Pooh & DJ Romes)
12. When Everything Changed



Blame One - Chemically Imbalanced (2003)

When your intro is a Peter Tosh interview where he is ranting about the bumbaclott state of music you should know the music is going to be good. This album is just that, great production coupled with intelligent lyricism.

1. IntroProfessional Tactics (feat. Main Flow / Aloe Blacc)
2. Chans Interlude/Grown Man Rap
3. Enemies (feat. Aloe Blacc)
4. Like a Prison
5. Etude DeInebriation
6. Another Option
7. Excavated/Righteous Outerlude
8. The Atheist
9. The Essence
10. Recognition Part 3
11. Mystery's Extinction (feat. Deja Voo / One Scoop)
12. Chemically Imbalanced
13. Paperthin aka Blame One Intro
14. The Words I Write
15. Two Originators
16. Sticky Situations


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dert - CMYK EP (2009)

A short, but in-depth ep based on the four colors that make up the traditional printing process; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Each track is a synaesthetic response translating the emotions each color evokes. CMYK marks Dert's first project composing every track without the use of found samples or loops and delving deep into synth-based production. Every track features a "hook" or "refrain" buried low in the mix surrounded by a "wall of sound" created by layering keyboard parts and employing various methods of distortion. CMYK takes inspiration from the shoegaze genre of rock and artists such as My Bloody Valentine as well as the vocal stylings of J-Dilla on his track "Nothing Like This."

1. Cyan (4:24)
2. Magenta (3:55)
3. Yellow (4:50)
4. Black featuring Surreal (3:18)
5. Paper Jam (Bonus Track) (5:14)
6. Like Heaven (Bonus Bonus Track) (3:21)

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Loyalists - Redemption

This Frisco emcee and DJ/producer duo dropped easily one of the best albums from 2008. They have a sound that some elitists might call "real hip hop," great production and intelligent lyrics. You really should purchase this album, it isn't possible to dislike it.

The Loyalists (2008)

All songs produced by E-Train

1. Maximum
2. Gasoline
3. Third Strike
4. Machine Gun Alley
5. All In A Day's Work (feat. Louis Logic)
6. Denora Hill (feat. Melinda Wiggins)
7. Endurance (feat. Aztexts)
8. Sunday School
9. Loyal Therapy
10. Compatible Opposites (feat. Planet Asia)
11. Impulsive Wandering

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Friday, May 15, 2009

C-BO - Tales From The Crypt (1995)

Classic gangster shit from C-BO right here. Production is ridiculously awesome and C-BO tops it off with some dope ass rhymes. By the way those 2 tracks are screwed by our very own friend so definitely check them out.

1. Jackin And Assassin
2. Murder That He Ritt
3. Free Style (feat. Mississippi)
4. Hard Core
5. Want To Be A G
6. Stompin' In My Steel (feat. Marvaless)
7. Birds In The Kitchen
8. 187 Dance
9. Groovin On Sunday "Radio"
10. Who Ride (feat. Snap)
11. Take It How You Want Too (feat. Marvaless)
12. Ain't No Sunshine (feat. Tuna Bug)
13. Want To Be A G (Screwed by SilentWaria)
14. Ain't No Sunshine (Screwed by SilentWaria)



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hip Hop 2090 (2009)

In the year 2009, I'm bringing you some classic raps from the 90s, updated with my own original production. I'm Eli29, and this is Hip Hop 2090.

For the most part, these remixes are dramtically different than their original couterparts. A lot of the beats are very bass heavy (great for bumping in your ride) and high energy, while others are very chilled out tracks. I made sure to put an emphasis on the featured rappers' flows, deliveries, and lyrics. I'm using this album as my own production demo, while paying tribute to Hip Hop from 1990-1999, which is, in my humble opinion, the best decade for the genre that we all love so much. Chances are I'm not going to be able to work with some of my favourite rappers, so this is as close as I'm going to get.

1. Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin' remix
2. Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy remix
3. Outkast & Slick Rick - Da Art of Storytellin' remix
4. Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm remix
5. Heavy D, 2Pac, Grand Puba & Biggie Smalls - Let's Get It On remix
6. Eli29 - It's A Small World
7. Nas - One Love remix
8. Method Man & Redman - Tear It Off remix
9. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Who Am I remix
10. Jay-Z - Can't Knock The Hustle remix
11. Eminem - Just Don't Give A F*** remix
12. DMX & Drag-On - No Love 4 Me remix
13. Eli29 - Corrupt Outro


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artifacts - Between A Rock And A Hard Place (1994)

This is the debut album from this New Jersey duo. Features production from Buckwild and T-Ray that nicely lay the foundation for these guys to spit some heat.

1. Drama (Mortal Kombat Fatality)
2. C'mon Wit Da Git Down
3. Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
4. Heavy Ammunition
5. Attack Of New Jeruzalem (feat. Jay Burns Jaya)
6. Notty Headed Nigguhz
7. Whayback
8. Flexi Wit Da Tech(nique)
9. Cummin' Through Ya Fuckin' Block
10. Lower Da Boom
11. What Goes On?
12. Dynamite Soul
13. Whassup Now Muthafucka?
14. C'mon Wit Da Git Down (Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes)



Monday, May 11, 2009

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (1970)

Creedence is in my opinion the greatest American rock band ever, or atleast my favorite. There is no other voice in the industry comparable to John Fogerty. This is probably their best album in the sense that it has the most reckognizable hits. Of course every album they put out had a hit or two on it, they've got like an album's worth full of hits I bet you've all heard. They're just fucking amazing though, I can't see how anybody doesn't like Creedence. Favorite song is probably either "Up Around the Bend" or their 11 minute cover of Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". This is a must download for everyone, enjoy!
  1. "Ramble Tamble" – 7:10
  2. "Before You Accuse Me" (Bo Diddley) – 3:27
  3. "Travelin' Band" – 2:07
  4. "Ooby Dooby" (Wade Moore, Dick Penner) – 2:07
  5. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" – 2:35
  6. "Run Through the Jungle" – 3:10
  7. "Up Around the Bend" – 2:42
  8. "My Baby Left Me" (Arthur Crudup) – 2:19
  9. "Who'll Stop the Rain" – 2:29
  10. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" (Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong) – 11:07
  11. "Long as I Can See the Light" – 3:33


Young M.C. - Stone Cold Rhymin' (1989)

I was honestly surprised at how bangin this album is. It's 1989 hip-hop so some tracks do sound a bit dated. "Bust a Move" is still the classic that we all know and love and it hasn't aged a bit. "Know How" is actually my favorite song on the album, sampling the Shaft theme song and Young MC tears that shit up. He's got an excellent style and flow, really quick paced delivery and he rolls his Rs in verses real smooth lol. Definitely an underrated rapper who's probably still only known for "Bust a Move". Worth at least a few listens and "Bust a Move" and "Know How" should be in everybody's collection.
  1. "I Come Off"
  2. "Principal's Office"
  3. "Bust a Move"
  4. "Non Stop"
  5. "Fastest Rhyme" (M. Young)
  6. "My Name Is Young" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  7. "Know How" (M. Young/J. King/M. Simpson)
  8. "Roll With The Punches"
  9. "I Let 'Em Know"
  10. "Pick Up The Pace" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  11. "Got More Rhymes" (M. Young/M. Dike/J. King/M. Ross)
  12. "Stone Cold Buggin'" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  13. "Just Say No" (M. Young/Q. Jones Jr.)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

K.B. & Lil' Flea - A Frightening Portrait Of The World In A Violent Time

K.B. Da Kidnappa and Lil' Flea are a duo from Houston's Street Military. This is the Out of Print version of Blood & Tears which was released a year later on a different label with one less track. The album is very hard and aggressive with great produced from T-Mix with help from Scarface & MJG on a couple tracks.

X-Bam Records (1997)

Produced by T-Mix

1. Intro
2. Dangerouz (feat. Papa Reu)
3. Killaz On the Trigga (feat. Klondike Kat & Pharaoh)
4. Cold World (feat. Klondike Kat & Ronnie Spencer)
5. Witness Da Rhyme
6. WKB & Flea
7. Get Paid
8. Vendetta (feat. Icey Hott)
9. Jack Move
10. Blood and Tears
11. The Dope
12. Knock, Knock
13. Death at My Door
14. Soldiers At War (feat. Malek & Pharaoh)
15. End of the World
16. It's All Over (feat. Papa Reu)

Amazon (Blood & Tears)


Friday, May 8, 2009

CYNE - Water For Mars (2009)

CYNE's newest album and I must say LISTEN TO THIS, its incredible.

1. This Year
2. Awakening
3. Pretty Apollo
4. I Never
5. Interlude
6. Electric Blue
7. Tide of Life
8. Dazed & Confused
9. Fantasy Revenge
10. Interlude
11. Boombox Pimp
12. The Jux
13. Cise
14. Interlude
15. NIcers
16. The Raven
17. Beaten Boxes
18. Interlude
19. Your Voice
20. One Day . . .


Amazon Japan

Headnodz - Trafficking (2006)

Dope compilation album from DJ/producer Nick Holder.

1. Happy Endings (Ft. King Reign)
2. Bless The Planet (Ft. Dub Ill)
3. Around (ICU) (Ft. Mathematik)
4. War Crimes (Ft. Citizen Kane & Zaki)
5. Kodak Moment (Ft. PeepShow)
6. Hilltopics (Ft. Sicsense)
7. See You Again (Ft. King Reign)
8. Tonight (Ft. Mathematik)
9. Grow (Ft. Zaki)
10. Easy (Ft. Dub Ill)
11. On Top (Ft. Mathematik)
12. Call It (Ft. Dub Ill)
13. Lies (Ft. Citizen Kane & Zaki)


Artifacts - That's Them (1997)

Classic east coast hip hop. If that doesn't make you download this OOP album then there is no hope left for you.

1. Art Of Scratch (Intro) 1:14
2. Art Of Facts 4:23
3. 31 Bumrush 3:42
4. To Ya Chest 3:20
5. Where Yo Skillz At? 4:29
6. Collaborration Of Mics (ft. Lord Finesse & Lord Jamar) 4:49
7. The Ultimate 4:42
8. It's Gettin' Hot 4:07
9. This Is Da Way 3:47
10. The Interview 3:39
11. Break It Down 4:01
12. Skwad Training 4:30
13. Ingredients To Time Travel 3:38
14. Return To Da Wrongside 4:29
15. Who's This? 4:39
16. The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix) 4:25



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Nemo - Nemomusic (2009)

Great producer album from Mr. Nemo. All guest emcees with excellent production that flows from one track to the next. This doesnt sound like a typical producer compilation album but more in the vein of a focused artistic effort.

1. Instroduction
2. American Music Theatre Ft Himself
3. Not Yet Ft Z-Man
4. I'll Be Around Ft Sunspot Jonz
5. Nemomusic
6. On The Sidewalk Ft Kruse
7. Band Aid Ft Heard
8. Liars and Cheats Ft Bicasso
9. So Pretentious Ft Kruse
10. Do What We Do Ft Himself
11. Emilys Song
12. Submerge Ft 2mex
13. Music Is My Heart
14. Wrong Wit Ya Ft Moka Only
15. Shes Serious Ft Anacron

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Monday, May 4, 2009

CYNE - Tour CD (2005)

A tour only cd from CYNE. This shit is awesome, the remixes are great and there are some excellent unreleased tracks on here. Definitely listen to this one.

1. African Elephants (Enoch remix)
2. The River
3. Slump
4. 400 Years (Seth P. Brundel remix)
5. Unclean Greens
6. Chase
7. First Person (Enoch remix)
8. Arrow of God (Speck remix)
9. Breezin'
10. Tragic
11. Stomping Ground
12. Roller Rink
13. Midas (Plex remix)
14. Due Progress (Speck remix)
15. Phantasm
16. Octagon
17. Matched
18. Moonlight (Enoch remix)
19. African Elephants (Speck vs. Liquid Cycle remix)
20. Psycheloop


Dert - The Short List (2008)

A beat tape by Dert from 2008. This is for the pretty girls, not the ugly ones. If you are into the instru electro hip hop then this album should strike all the right chords. Definitely a purchase for instrumental fans.

1. You’ll Never Know
2. Romina Apple Bottom
3. Can’t Relate
4. Dinner Music
5. Firecracker
6. Dancin_Butterfly_5
7. Black Pashmina
8. Transitional Period
9. The Wrath of Vong
10. San Frangeles
11. Words Are For Free
12. You Can Do Better Than Drums

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ant Banks - The Big Badass (1994)

From legendary Bay Area artist Ant Banks comes this great example of funkiness known as The Big Badass. This album sports one of my favorite diss tracks (this time to Pooh Man...yeah I know Pooh Man) "Fuckin' Wit Banks". Anyways, a number of great guest spots including the likes of Spice 1 and Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog.

1. The Big Badass
2. 2 Kill A G (feat. Spice 1)
3. Streets Of Oakland (feat. Boots)
4. The Drunken Fool
5. Parlayin' (feat. Goldy)
6. Clownin' Wit Da Crew (feat. Father Dom, Pee-Wee, Rappin' Ron, Ant Diddley Dog & Too $hort)
7. Fuckin' Wit Banks (feat. Goldy & Too $hort)
8. Straight Hustlin'
9. Pimp Style Gangstas (feat. Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog)
10. The Loot (feat. Too $hort)
11. Packin' A Gat
12. Hard As Hell



Lateef The Truth Speaker - Truth Is Love (2009)

This album has a lot of songs but barely clocks in at an hour so it is not a chore to listen to. The songs all transition into one another seamlessly making for a pleasant experience. Check this album out, shit is nice.

1. Empress (Intro) (1:44)
2. Take You Out Tonight (feat. General Elektriks) (1:56)
3. Without Her (feat. Mike Relm) (1:51)
4. Illuminate (feat. Herve Salters and D-Sharp) (2:12)
5. Baby Doll (feat. G-Koop) (2:45)
6. So Sexy (2:45)
7. Beautiful You (feat. Joyo Velarde and Chief Xcel) (2:04)
8. The Remedy (2:03)
9. The Situation (feat. Killa Kela) (2:58)
10. I Want You Back (2:10)
11. 5th Gear (feat. Kid Kaneival) (2:21)
12. 24k Love (feat. Joyo Velarde) (1:58)
13. Broadway (feat. Amp Live) (1:35)
14. Champion Sound (feat. Fatboy Slim) (1:36)
15. Brightest Star (feat. Vivica Hawkins and Lyrics Born) (1:45)
16. Catamaran (2:15)
17. Side To Side (2:10)
18. Everything I Am (2:12)
19. On, On & On (feat. Headnodic and D-Sharp) (2:10)
20. Cool (feat. Amp Live and Clyde Carson) (2:55)
21. Hey Baby (feat. Headnodic) (3:43)
22. Look At The Sky (feat. Herve Salters) (2:18)
23. Losing My Control (feat. Freeform 5) (1:39)
24. Ay! (2:50)
25. That Old Pair Of Jeans (feat. Fatboy Slim) (8:31)


Friday, May 1, 2009

yU - Before Taxes (2009)

Free LP from yU. Shit is dope so check it out.

1. Before Taxes Intro (prod. Slimkat78)
2. Beats&Rhymes From March 25 (Kick Styles) (prod. yU)
3. Almost Time (prod. Kev Brown)
4. Thought About It (prod. yU)
5. BreakDown (feat. & prod. Bilal Salaam)
6. Corners (feat. I.Q.) (prod. yU)
7. The Up & Up (prod. Slimkat78)
8. Close (feat. Isabella Banneker) (prod. Slimkat78)
9. Fine (prod. yU)
10. Lunchin� (prod. Oddisee)
11. Native (prod. Slimkat78 & yU)
12. Memory (feat. ERK) (prod. yU)
13. The Rock (prod. Slimkat78)
14. InTheReign (feat. I.Q. & Omun) (prod. yU)
15. MmHmm (instr) (prod. yU)
16. Brainwash (feat. Grap Luva, Finale & OP Swamp 81) (prod. Slimkat78)


MF Woolly - Chrome & Ivory (2009)

The debut collaboration between the 20 year old hip hop prodigy T-Woolly and the legendary emcee/producer Metal Fingers Doom aka MF Doom is a unique and refreshing hip hop experience. This album is pretty fucking sweet.

1. The New Villain Intro (0:43)
2. You Need To (3:25)
3. Good Morning (4:32)
4. Sci Fi Channel (3:07)
5. Jasper and Otis Talk Mammoth (1:30)
6. Drop (4:16)
7. The Box Ft Shy Inkwriter (4:51)
8. D.M.G.C (5:35)
9. 41st Street (4:19)
10. Tuskanee Talks Mammoth (1:28)
11. Battle Rap Galactica (3:48)
12. Celebration On A Bandstand Ft Jedi Hymie (3:32)
13. You Cant Sell Records (3:51)
14. Midnight Marauders The Heist (3:36)
15. Repetition Heart Sickness Ft Shy Inkwriter (0:55)
16. Letter To The Princess (1:48)
17. Bleinstein and Funnybone Talk Mammoth (2:04)
18. The Mutumbo (4:04)


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