Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Happy fuckin New Years my brothas. I'm doing a little pregaming before I hit the festivities and I figured I'd throw some music on here for y'all. This is one of my favorite rock albums, a staple of southern rock. I think with the combination of GTA and Guitar Hero, everyone knows "Free Bird", but this whole album is sick. Every time I'm playing this in my car my buddy puts on rap because "we're not from fucking Alabama", but it's some good fuckin American music. Peep this shit homies.

  1. "I Ain't the One" (Gary Rossington / Ronnie Van Zant) – 3:53
  2. "Tuesday's Gone" (Gary Rossington / Allen Collins / Ronnie Van Zant) – 7:32
  3. "Gimme Three Steps" (Allen Collins / Ronnie Van Zant) – 4:30
  4. "Simple Man" (Gary Rossington / Ronnie Van Zant) – 5:58
  5. "Things Goin' On" (Gary Rossington / Ronnie Van Zant) – 5:00
  6. "Mississippi Kid" (Al Kooper / Ronnie Van Zant / Bob Burns) – 3:56
  7. "Poison Whiskey" (Ed King / Ronnie Van Zant) – 3:13
  8. "Free Bird" (Allen Collins / Ronnie Van Zant) – 9:06


Friday, December 26, 2008

Showbiz & A.G. - Live Hard

This right here shouldn't really need an introduction, but I will say that it was my favorite EP released in 2007.

D.I.T.C. Records (2007)

1. Business As Usual (Produced by Showbiz) (Cuts by DJ Premier)
2. Can't Relate (Produced by Showbiz)
3. The World is Listening (Produced by Showbiz)
4. Running Man (Produced by Showbiz)
5. Land of the Free (feat. O.C.) (Produced by Showbiz)
6. Live Hard (Produced by Showbiz)
7. Magic (Produced by E-Blaze)
8. Business As Usual (Instrumental) (Produced by Showbiz)
9. Can't Relate (Instrumental) (Produced by Showbiz)
10. The World is Listening (Instrumental) (Produced by Showbiz)
11. Land of the Free (Instrumental) (Produced by Showbiz)
12. Live Hard (Instrumental) (Produced by Showbiz)



Arrested Development - Heroes Of The Harvest

This is my favorite AD album, this is one of those groups that brings excellent writing and that live music vibe at the same time. Check this out if you enjoy AD or just looking for something with some soul and heart in it. Plus if you like Sly and The Family Stone the AD covers of their songs are always excellent.

1. Heroes of the Harvest
2. In Tha South (Feat Jazze Pha)
3. Rules 2 Tha Game(Feat P - Arrested Development -J Tom)
4. Music And Life(Feat M - Arrested Development -C Love)
5. Somewhere In The North Gerogia
6. The Story Of Us
7. Strugglin(Feat Show Of Mahogan
8. Lost Soldiers
9. If Dey Ask
10. Hit The Road Jack(Feat Manstas
11. Conditional Love(Pocket Mansta
12. If U Want Me 2 Stay
13. Salted Meat
14. Love Is Contagious
15. I Wanna Go Out 2night
16. The Challenge
17. Arrested Development
18. Ressurection(Mans Final Fronti
19. On Conscious


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DNA6 - Human Condition

DNA6 is a great group from outta Canada. They prove that you can mix alternative music and hip hop and make it flow seamlessly from front to back. One of my favorite releases from the past couple years, I find myself having trouble turning it off sometimes.

1. Megalodon
2. Brand New
3. Not Wastin'
4. The Wake Up
5. I Am Free
6. Natural High
7. Behemoth
8. Revolution
9. Why Can't I Sleep
10. All Up To Me
11. Signs
12. Hornslide
13. All The Things You Do

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RIDES Holiday Mix

There's only one song on here that has anything to do with Christmas, but here's 20 songs I been listening to a lot, my Christmas gift to you.

1. Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare 5:21
2. Boogie Down Productions - 100 Guns 3:58
3. The Cars - Moving In Stereo 4:42
4. The Notorious B.I.G. - Kick in the Door 4:46
5. Brian McKnight - You Should Be Mine 4:49
6. Average White Band - Work To Do 4:25
7. Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night 2:38
8. The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb 3:42
9. De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa 4:09
10. Prince - When You Were Mine 3:48
11. Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough 3:38
12. OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean 4:00
13. Jay-Z - Streets Is Watching 3:59
14. Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 10:28
15. The Isley Brothers - That Lady, Pts. 1-2 5:37
16. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around.../...Comes Around 7:29
17. The Zombies - Time of the Season 3:34
18. Cat Stevens - Wild World 3:20
19. Scarface - I'm Dead 2:27
20. Rod Stewart - You're In My Heart 4:30


Monday, December 22, 2008

Criminal Elament - Undaground Railroad

Out of print southern G-Funk group with Ice Water Slaughter of the Trinity Garden Cartel. The synths on this album sound very dirty, not the whiny synths found in alot of west coast G-Funk beats.

Dead Game Records (1996)

All songs produced by BLO-1 & Knee-Hi

1. Intro
2. G-State of Mind
3. Children of Destruction (feat. Timothy Lewis)
4. If You Only Knew (feat. Darlene Hagan)
5. Livin' Hell
6. Underground Railroad (feat. Tiger)
7. Can't Fade It
8. Life
9. With or Without You (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
10. Lockdown
11. Dazed & Confused (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
12. Have Mercy (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
13. Picc Tha 5th
14. Terrorfied Screams
15. End of the World (feat. B-Down, Blackdocious, Ghetto Red, Left Hand Killa, Red Dog & Trigga)



Sunday, December 21, 2008

DL Incognito - A Captured Moment In Time (2008)

Very dope album from DL Incognito, straight lyricism and excellent production has convinced me that this is one of the best from 2008. Only 12 songs and its all you need, it has left me wanting to listen again and again after each listen. Buy it, its worth more than 15 bucks.

1. Claim to fame
2. Grand scale
3. Too late now
4. Made it through
5. Rap Soul
6. Fresh to death
7. Owe it all to you
8. Atmosphere F. Theology 3
9. Best years (I care)
10. Air play
11. Thank you (For listening)
12. These are my adventures



187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction

I think the saying don't judge a book by its cover holds true here. This is the duo's second album which is out of print, its a nice G-funk album out of the bay area.

Penalty Records (1997)

1. Tha Frontline (Produced by Ephriam Galloway & Ivan Johnson)
2. Peer Pressure (Produced by Ant Banks)
3. Fac Not Fiction (feat. D Tha Poet) (Produced by Ant Banks)
4. Tool In Tha Kut (Produced by Ant Banks)
5. Faulty Characteristics (feat. Ant Banks) (Produced by Ant Banks)
6. All Head No Body (feat. B-Legit, Big Lurch, Gangsta P, Spice 1 & Vidal) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
7. Graphic (Produced by Ant Banks)
8. 2 Geez (feat. Almon D, Captain Save 'Em & Frank J) (Produced by Payback)
9. Man In the Mirror (Produced by Mike Mosley)
10. Ride Wit' Me (Produced by Payback)
11. Parkin' Lot Pimpin' (feat. Frank J) (Produced by Xtra Large)
12. Fac Nic (feat. Almon D & Frank J (Produced by Payback)
13. Paul Masson (feat. Xtra Large) (Produced by Xtra Large)


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pixies - Surfer Rosa

Pixies first LP, this is a real raw alternative rock album, supposedly influenced much of Kobain's songwriting on Nevermind. This is a great, hard album, Francis' voice is great, so scratchy and raw. Even the little skits on the album are awesome, I feel like this is an underrated rock album but then what do I know. "Where Is My Mind?" is the main song used in Fight Club for the ending, and I always thought Ghostface could sample the beginning of "Tony's Theme".
  1. "Bone Machine" – 3:02
  2. "Break My Body" – 2:05
  3. "Something Against You" – 1:47
  4. "Broken Face" – 1:30
  5. "Gigantic" (Francis/Kim Deal) – 3:45
  6. "River Euphrates" – 2:33
  7. "Where Is My Mind?" – 3:53
  8. "Cactus" – 2:16
  9. "Tony's Theme" – 1:52
  10. "Oh My Golly!" – 2:32
  11. "Vamos" – 4:18
  12. "I'm Amazed" – 1:42
  13. "Brick Is Red" – 2:00


Sly and the Family Stone - Stand!

This is the only Sly album I have though I've heard a lot of their songs. This is a pretty awesome album, only song I don't really dig is "Somebody's Watching You" because it makes me feel paranoid ha. Everything else is funky as hell. "Sex Machine" is just a funk jam. And everyone probably has heard atleast "Everyday People". I can't think of many more albums that are so upbeat and funky and just make you feel great with a good message.

  1. "Stand!" – 3:08
  2. "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" – 5:58
  3. "I Want to Take You Higher" – 5:22
  4. "Somebody's Watching You" – 3:20
  5. "Sing a Simple Song" – 3:56
  6. "Everyday People" – 2:21
  7. "Sex Machine" – 13:45
  8. "You Can Make It If You Try" – 3:37



Friday, December 19, 2008

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

Released in 1968 this is the third and final album from The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This double album is considered by some to be Jimi Hendrix at his best as a guitarist and the best Experience album in general. Boasting the hit cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" and the legendary electric guitar cut "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" as well as other classic songs this is without a doubt one of the greatest ablums of all time.

1. ...And the Gods Made Love
2. Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)
3. Crosstown Traffic
4. Voodoo Chile
5. Little Miss Strange
6. Long Hot Summer Night
7. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
8. Gypsy Eyes
9. Burning of the Midnight Lamp
10. Rainy Day, Dream Away
11. 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be...)
12. Moon, Turn the Tides...Gently, Gently Away
13. Still Raining, Still Dreaming
14. House Burning Down
15. All Along the Watchtower
16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)



Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Knux - Remind Me In 3 Days...

Solid effort from this duo, who produce and wrote all the songs. Very live album with lots of funk elements. Definitely worth a few listens.

1. The List
2. F!RE (Put It In The Air)
3. Bang! Bang!
4. Cappuccino
5. Roxxanne
6. Daddy's Little Girl
7. The Train
8. Shine Again
9. Life In A Cage (Electric)
10. Pea Knuckle skits
11. Powder Room
12. Parking Lot
13. Hush
14. Wake The Fuck Up
15. Playboys
16. The True
17. Lights Camera Action



The Dayton Family - F.B.I.

More of the mid-western take on g-funk, this is probably The Dayton Family's best album. Lots of straight gangster tales of life in Flint, Michigan.

Relativity Records (1996)

All songs produced by Steve Pitts

1. 79th & Halstead
2. Hand That Rocks the Cradle (feat. Night & Day)
3. F.B.I. (feat. Lorie Coleman)
4. Real With This
5. Player Haters (feat. Esham, Night & Day)
6. Eyes Closed
7. Whats On My Mind, Part 2 (feat. Night & Day)
8. Killer G's
9. Posse Is Dayton Ave.
10. Bloodbath
11. Newspaper (feat. Lorie Coleman)
12. Stick & Move (feat. Night & Day)
13. Ghetto (feat. Night & Day)



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Raashan Ahmad - The Push

Check this album out, really dope stuff. Its thoughtful and has a message, production is nice throughout as well. Hope you enjoy

01. Hello
02. If I
03. The Crush
04. Close
05. Give Thanks
06. Get Funky
07. Heavenbound
08. Shining
09. The Pressure
10. Fight
11. Here We Go
12. Ready
13. Yusef
14. Cancer
15. Cool Down
16. Peace



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Villain - Whut Tha Lick Iz?

G-Funk of the Chicago variety. Out of print, but not rare, this is a very good listen.

Straight Game Records (1997)

All songs produced by Villain

1.Crucial (Intro)
2. Put the Real Shit On
3. Brain Damage
4. 2 Krucial
5. Wayz
6. Mild Funkshun
7. Premeditated
8. Ghetto Symphony
9. 411
10. Listen 2 My Flow (feat. D-Soul)
11. 12 Days 2 My Xikushun
12. Da Hidden
13. The Saga Continues
14. Stay Strong
15. I'm Amped
16. Mild Funkshun (Remix) (feat. Melinda Santiago)



Monday, December 15, 2008

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

I feel like if you should have one Beatles album it should be this one. I personally like The White Album more, but this is seriously a perfect album. It's great music they made and it's crazy that it still sounds fresh today.

I honestly don't know which song I'd say is my favorite, I've grown to love them all.

  1. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" – 2:02
  2. "With a Little Help from My Friends" – 2:44
  3. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" – 3:28
  4. "Getting Better" – 2:47
  5. "Fixing a Hole" – 2:36
  6. "She's Leaving Home" – 3:35
  7. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" – 2:37
  8. "Within You Without You" (George Harrison) – 5:05
  9. "When I'm Sixty-Four" – 2:37
  10. "Lovely Rita" – 2:42
  11. "Good Morning Good Morning" – 2:41
  12. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)" – 1:18
  13. "A Day in the Life" – 5:33



3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby

3-2 of the Convicts, Blac Monks and Southside Playaz out of print solo debut. If you liked him on Ridin' Dirty and Super Tight you will definatly dig this album; a very chill smooth Houston album.

Rap-A-Lot Records (1996)

1. Buddah Baby Intro (Produced by John Bido)
2. Comin Down (feat. Sonia Moore) (Produced by N.O. Joe)
3. Dressed To Kill (Produced by John Bido)
4. My Sweet Trick (Produced by John Bido)
5. Them Against Me (Produced by John Bido
6. Welcome To the Lab (Produced by N.O. Joe)
7. Turnin Lane (feat. Southside Playaz) (Produced by Mike Dean)
8. Kickin Flowz (Produced by Pedeweastra)
9. Hit the Highway (feat. Too Short, Eightball & MJG) (Produced by 3-2)
10. You Wanna Ride (feat. UGK) (Produced by Swift)
11. Buddah Nature (Remix) (feat. Blac Monks) (Produced by Crazy C)
12. Buddah Baby Outro (Produced by Freddie Young)


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Average White Band - AWB

This album is funky as hell, solidsnake put me on to this group and this album is amazing. I was really diggin this album for a while, then I listened to it when I was tripping and it became a fuckin masterpiece lol. You don't need any mushrooms to enjoy this though, it's straight classic funk, mixed with bits of rock, soul, perhaps even jazz. Again, so many rap songs have sampled this album.

Everyone has heard "Pick Up the Pieces", you'll realize that like 5 seconds in, but my favorite song on the album is "Work to Do".

  1. "You Got It" (Ball/Gorrie/Stuart)
  2. "Got the Love" (Ball/McIntosh/Stuart)
  3. "Pick Up The Pieces" (Average White Band/Ball/Stuart)
  4. "Person to Person" (Average White Band/Gorrie/Stuart)
  5. "Work to Do" (Isley/Isley/Isley)
  6. "Nothing You Can Do"
  7. "Just Wanna Love You Tonight" (Ball/Gorrie)
  8. "Keepin' It to Myself" (Gorrie)
  9. "I Just Can't Give You Up" (Stuart)
  10. "There's Always Someone Waiting" (Gorrie)



Linval Thompson - Rocking Vibration

Great reggae album by Linval Thompson, originally releases in 1979 this was rereleased in 2002 and i still couldn't find a physical copy of it. So enjoy this link and the soulful reggae vibes from Linval. He has a great voice and is true to all that is good about reggae.

1. Never Push Your Brother
2. Freedom Fighters
3. Rocking Vibration
4. More Power (Extended Version)
5. I've Got To Have You
6. No Confusion
7. Black Woman
8. Rasta Children
9. Dangerous Position
10.No Problems
11. Jah Jah Ah Do It
12. Super Star
13. Just Another Girl
14. Mr Bossman (Extended Version)
15. Don't Push Me Around
16. Give Thanks & Praises
17. Natty Pressure Them


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul

I featured the first track of this album on my Sample Appreciation, that track was used for Compton's Most Wanted's "Hood Took Me Under" and Biggie's "Warning". This is a bangin soul album, and is unique in that it doesn't have the radio oriented short singles. The shortest track on the album is 5:10, with the others ranging from 9 to 18 minutes. You've got Isaac Hayes' amazing singing over some great orchestration, really classic soul here.

The album deals with love and emotion, probably my favorite track is "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", which is almost half delivered in spoken phrase. It's the story of a man who's girl cheated on him way too many times and he wants to leave her.

Seriously peep this album, I know y'all are fans of rap and just hearing the little bits of samples is hot, but this is good fuckin music right here.

  1. "Walk on By" (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 12:03
  2. "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" (Isaac Hayes, Alvertis Isbell) – 9:38
  3. "One Woman" (Charles Chalmers/Sandra Rhodes) – 5:10
  4. "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" (Jimmy Webb) – 18:42



Grits - Factors Of The Seven

I would have never guessed this was a christian rap group when I first heard this album, mostly because they touch on so many of the good elements of hip hop without ever coming off as church assholes or those gay christian rock bands. The whole album is on point beats and conscious, feel good lyrics. Album is from 1997 and in my opinion is easily their best work to date.

1. This Is... - Grits,
2. People Noticin' Me
3. Mirage
4. U.S. Open - Grits, Crter, T.
5. What Be Goin' Down
6. Blacks and Whites - Grits,
7. Comin' Home
8. Why
9. Hopes and Dreams
10. Gospel Rap; Parables
11. Life After Mental
12. Labels - Grits,
13. Ghetto Love - Grits, Henderson, M.
14. Blame It on You
15. Fragmentation



Friday, December 12, 2008

Mark Ronson - Here Comes the Fuzz

This is one of the hottest, modern party albums and I fuckin love it. The whole things plays just like a DJ were mixing each song into each other at a club. Perfect for throwing on at a house party and just letting it play on through. Not to mention Ooh Wee is one of my favorite party tracks period.

The album features eleven bangin tracks produced by English up and comer Mark Ronson, including a preview intro in which he raps himself and an outro. Ronson is probably best known for his production on Amy Winehouse's acclaimed sophomore album Back to Black. In 2008 Ronson won a Grammy award for the "Producer of the Year, Non-Classical" category, not to mention the various awards Ms. Winehouse earned which included production credits from Ronson. Songs from the album Ronson produced include "Rehab", "You Know I'm No Good" and "Back to Black". Ronson also produced the tracks "Devil's Pie", "Tell a Story" and "Build Me Up" off of Rhymefest's debut album Blue Collar and "Fried Chicken" off of Nasir Jones' most recent effort Nigger.

Ronson teamed up with various hip-hop all stars, starting with a southern style debut track with Nappy Roots, a straight club banger featuring Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God and Nate Dogg, a chick/dance song featuring Aya who I've never heard of ha, an alternative type of party track featuring Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, another dance track featuring Sean Paul who I usually can't stand but he's hot on here, then takes a little break from the dance atmosphere for a storytelling track from Saigon, then two hype tracks in a row, the first featuring Mos Def and M.O.P. and the second featuring Freeway and Nikki Costa, moves into a mesh of 2000s era alternative rock and rap with Rhymefest making an appearance, another kind of chicks dance track with Daniel Merriweather who I've never heard of but he's an R&B singer, he's nice on the track, and ending with a chill track featuring the one and only Q-Tip.

Top picks from the album:

Ooh Wee
Bluegrass Stain'd
Bout To Get Ugly

  1. "This DJ"
  2. "Bluegrass Stain'd" (featuring Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton)
  3. "Ooh Wee" (featuring Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife)
  4. "High" (featuring Aya)
  5. "I Suck" (featuring Rivers Cuomo)
  6. "International Affair" (featuring Sean Paul & Tweet)
  7. "Diduntdidunt" (featuring Saigon)
  8. "On The Run" (featuring Mos Def & M.O.P.)
  9. "Here Comes The Fuzz" (featuring Freeway, Nikka Costa & Jack White)
  10. "'Bout To Get Ugly" (featuring Rhymefest & Anthony Hamilton)
  11. "She's Got Me" (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
  12. "Tomorrow" (featuring Debi Nova & Q-Tip)
  13. "Rashi" (Outro)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playya 1000 - Mo' Drama

Out of print southern G-Funk out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 3rd album from the duo who put their state on the map. Sunday Afternoon is a classic summer jam.

Small Town Records (1994)

All songs produced by Playya 1000 and The D'Kster

1. Drama (Intro)
2. A Pound
3. Creep Wit' Me
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. Feel Me
6. Special
7. T-U-L-S-A
8. Mo' Drama
9. The Layback
10. Watchin' U
11. 2 Snaps
12. 4 The Nigga N U
13. Sunday Afternoon (Radio)
14. Creep (Outro)


El Da Sensei & The Returners - Global Takeover

El Da Sensei kills this album and gets great production from Polish producers The Returners. Some nice East Coast hip hop for ya minds.

1. Global Takeover Intro: The Beginning
2. Introducin’
3. Hard To Find
4. Aight Then!
5. Super-Fly Jazzy-J (Interlude)
6. Got Fire feat. Doujah Raze
7. Life It Is
8. Money feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Roc Marciano
9. And You Know (Interlude)
10. It’s Not That Way
11. Global Takeover Outro: It’s Only The Beginning

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Scrooge - Ride Wit Me

Coming out of Tacoma, Washington Scrooge drops the best G-Funk album in recent memory. A laid back feel good album with some R&B flavor. With a voice and flow similar to Snoop's this is something worth checking out.

Chocolate City Entertainment (2007)

All songs produced by Scrooge

1. Another Day
2. My Street
3. Sometimes I Feel Lucky (feat. LaKesha Edwards)
4. Ride Wit Me
5. Wild Seed
6. Relationships (feat. E-Mail)
7. Classics
8. Havin' Fun (feat. LaKesha Edwards)
9. Front 2 Back
10. Back To The Future (feat. Broadway Slim)
11. Dogs 4 Life
12. Lets Get Together (feat. LaKesha Edwards)
13. If I Die Tonight
14. Homies On The Block
15. I Want My Money (feat. LaKesha Edwards)
16. Lets Ride
17. Misery Loves Company



Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan

Funk/Soul album that is warming for the soul. Very very good album that has varied production throughout, going from upbeat funk to chill soulful baby making music all the way to some jazz poetry mix. Check it out if you enjoy funk/soul with some poetry sprinkled around with a dash of jazz.

1. Narration
2. Jimmy Leans Back
3. City (5-6 Theme)
4. The Reason
5. E.R.A.
6. Gettin' Into It
7. When The Funk Swings
8. Season's Change
9. 13
10. Red Handed
11. Taggin' & Braggin'
12. Incident On The Couch
13. Gorgeous
14. A Day In The Life
15. New Love
16. Uptown
17. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
18. When The Funk Hits The Fan
19. Next



The Problemaddicts - The Dark Side Of Oz

Sophomore album from The Problemaddicts and its quite the listen. Sampling Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and the film The Wizard Of Oz this is a really entertaining listen, especially for a album with political lyrics. The production is top notch on this one and the rhymes flow oh so well over it. Check this one out.

1. The 3rd Roar(Intro)
2. Over The Colour You Like
3. Money ft Platypus Complex
4. Somewhere ft. Lex Boogie & Blacastan
5. Breathe ft. Agent 23 & Adam Strange
6. If I Only Had A Brain
7. Syzigy
8. Dead Time ft. Agent 23 & Platypus Complex
9. Home
10. No Puzzle
11. Runaway
12. The Last Gig In The Sky


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Primeridian - I'll Meet You In Greenwich

Primeridian are a dope group that make chill jazz sampled music. One of my favorite groups and probably my favorite album from them so check it out. Also if anybody can find this to buy a physical copy of let me know.

1. Intro (2:03)
2. Mental Void (5:13)
3. Treelude (1:29)
4. Musical Mirages (4:21)
5. Jigsaw (4:12)
6. Underlude (0:33)
7. Battle Cry (3:25)
8. Concentration (4:16)
9. Ring Around The Lyrical (4:24)
10. France Interlude (1:25)
11. Wall Street (6:34)
Featuring - Boobaboobsa , Super Micro , Tarik
12. Invisibly Invincible (4:00)
13. On Tha Spot (3:36)
14. Tree Freestyle (2:01)
15. Primates (3:54)
16. How Ya Feel (4:02)
17. Wordz Of Wizdom (3:18)
18. V-Lude (2:04)
19. Home (4:26)
20. Mal-Lude (3:19)
21. Reverse Angle [Remix] (3:46)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

C-BO - Til My Casket Drops

If you have a ton of big face hundred dollar bills how much money would you have? If every hundred dollar weights a gram, and there's 28 grams in an ounce, 16 ounces in a pound, how many pounds is it in a ton?

Another AWOL release, and arguably C-Bo's best. This is a classic album that everybody should own in one form or another. Hopefully you can stand E-40 for 36 bars, other than that you shouldn't put any wear on your fast forward button.

AWOL Records (1998)

1. Ride Til' We Die (feat. 151 & Mob Figgaz) (Produced by B.C.)
2. Deadly Game (written by X-Raided) (Produced One Drop Scott)
3. Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini (feat. Spice 1) (Produced by JT The Bigga Figga)
4. Money By The Ton (feat. Mississippi) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
5. 40 & C-Bo (feat. E-40) (Produced by Rick Rock)
6. Hard Labor (feat. Outlaw Immortals) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
7. Raised In Hell (feat. Big Syke) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
8. Can We All Ball (feat. Killa Tay & JT The Bigga Figga) (Produced by JT The Bigga Figga)
9. Desperado Outlaws (Produced by Femi)
10. Real Niggas (feat. Mob Figgaz) (Produced by Studio Ton)
11. Professional Ballers (feat. Marvaless, Pizzo, Mac Mall, JT The Bigga Figga & Killa Tay) (Produced by Rick Rock)
12. Big Gangsta (feat. Laroo, Lil Ric & Mob Figgaz) (Produced by B.C.)
13. All I Ever Wanted (feat. Lunasicc & 151) (Produced by Studio Ton)
14. Boo Yow! (Produced by One Drop Scott)
15. No Pain No Gain (feat. Lunasicc & Laroo) (Produced by One Drop Scott)
16. Til My Casket Drops (Produced by One Drop Scott)
17. 357 (Produced by One Drop Scott)



Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008)

It was the poster i got inside of this album that inspired the name for the blog, i wish I could put up a pic but my camera won't connect to my computer so oh well. Anyways here is the album that the name of our blog is from. Its kinda hard to describe Thievery because they switch it up on every album but this one I would call it reggae/electronic. Just give it a listen, especially if you're a Thievery Corporation fan and haven't heard this yet.

1. Sound The Alarm
2. Mandala
3. Radio Retaliation
4. Vampires
5. Hare Krisna
6. El Pueblo Unido
7. The Forgotten People
8. 33 Degree
9. Beautiful Drug
10. La Femme Parallel
11. Retaliation Suite
12. The Numbers Game
13. The Shining Path
14. Blasting Through The City
15. Sweet Tides



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prince - Purple Rain

Prince is a musical and sexual god and everyone needs to be touched by his artistry. I myself have only skimmed the surface of his musical genius, but the album that's generally considered his masterpiece and still my favorite though I've checked out out a couple others, is Purple Rain. This album is a perfect mix of funk, rock, R&B, sex, etc. You can listen to this album to just relax, to party, to fuck to, what have you, it's amazing. Perfect introduction to the artist, the genius, the sex god Prince.

I own this on CD and I know Prince get pissed about his videos even going up on youtube, so I encourage you all to actually purchase this album, and hopefully more from his dicography after you realize his musical superiority.

Favorite track is prob Darling Nikki

1. Let's Go Crazy
2. Take Me With U
3. The Beautiful Ones
4. Computer Blue
5. Darling Nikki
6. When Doves Cry
7. I Would Die 4 U
8. BabyI'm a Star
9. Purple Rain



Fat Freddy's Drop - Based On A True Story (2005)

This is a reggae band from New Zealand.  This album is one of my favorite releases this year, hip hop or not. Really good music, especially if you like reggae.

1. Ernie (7:17)
2. Cay's Cray's (7:07)
3. This Room (5:00)
4. Ray Ray (7:38)
5. Dark Days (6:40)
6. Flashback (6:31)
7. Roady (7:09)
8. Wandering Eye (9:49)
9. Del Fuego (5:24)
10. Hope (7:20)



Lunasicc - A Million Words, A Million Dollars

Sacramento rapper Lunasicc's sophomore album features the usual artists and production that most AWOL releases are known for; Dark mobbin g-funkish beats with hard gangster raps on top.

AWOL Records (1998)

1. We Ride (feat. Killa Tay, 151, Huccabucc, Lil Ric & Marvaless) (Produced by Andy)
2. Too Much On It (feat. Killa Tay & Mississippi) (Produced by One Drop Scott & D-Wiz)
3. You Created Me (feat. Killa Tay, 151 & C-Bo) (Produced by John Silva & Mike Wango)
4. Stickly Business (feat. Killa Tay) (Produced by Killa Tay)
5. Cheddar Chasin' (Produced by B.C.)
6. Wicced Intentions (feat. Killa Tay, K.J. & Lil Ric) (Produced by Andy)
7. 12:00 (Produced by Andy)
8. Bacc To Bacc (feat. Killa Tay, Laroo & Pizzo) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
9. A Million Words, A Million Dollars (Produced by Pizzo)
10. Gangstas Make Da World Go Round feat. C-Bo, Steady Mobbin & Mississippi) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
11. Dangerous (Produced by Killa Tay & B.C.)
12. Can You Hang? (feat. Killa Tay & Agerman) (Produced by One Drop Scott)
13. Pay Style Flows (feat. Lil Ric) (Produced by Andy)
14. Creepin' Wit My Mask On (feat. Killa Tay) (Produced by Killa Tay)
15. True To Da Game (feat. Probable Cauze & K.J.) (Produced by Killa Tay)
16. We Hit 'Em Up (Produced by Pizzo)



DJ Wich - Golden Touch

Dope album from producer DJ Wich.  The beats are this are really nice and all the guest MC's are on point.  Definitely check this one out.

1. The Man With The Golden Touch (Intro)
2. Get Live (Feat. Slum Village)
3. Give Up Your Guns (Feat. Royce Da 5'9, Talib Kweli and Raekwon)
4. Coasting (Feat. Kurupt and Nironic)
5. It Don't Stop (Feat. Big Noyd, Frank Nitty, Guilty Simpson and DJ Ratik)
6. Classic (Feat. M.O.P.)
7. Gone With The Wind (Feat. Cali Agents)
8. Is You Ready (Feat. Young De, J-Ro and Tekneek)
9. What We Need (Feat. Glasses Malone and Lil' Wayne)
10. Give It Up (Feat. Little Brother)
11. They Don't Know How(Money Over Here) (Feat. Havoc, Kurupt and Roscoe)
12. Do My Thing (Feat. Nironic)
13. On and On (Feat. Rasco)
14. Superman (Feat. Frank N Dank)
15. Much Higher (Feat. Kurupt and Nironic)
16. We Finally Here (Feat. Tangled Thoughts)
17. Unstoppable (Feat. Guilty Simpson and Rasco)
18. Always On The Run (Feat. Gail Gotti and Roscoe)
19. Cheat On Her (Feat. RL and Nironic)(Bonus Track)


Friday, December 5, 2008

UN - UN Or U Out (2004)

East Coast Grime sound here.  Some NY based emcees like Roc Marciano and others.  A little Pete Rock Production should help bring you along. Solid album for any fan of NY hip hop.

1. Buildin (Intro)
2. Mind Blowin
3. D.O.A(Dead On Arrival)
4. Avenue
5. What They Want
6. P. Money (Set Up)
7. Golden Grail
8. Ain't No Thang
9. Monsta
10. Get Yo BItch
11. Russian Hat Wear (Cold Money Remix)
12. Shake Down
13. The Art (Interlude)
14. Game Of Death (GOD Version)

Mr. Sandman - Out of Time

Bay Area G-Funk album featuring production from those who dropped Ruthless by Law, Fiendin' 4 tha Funk and more.

Bay Rider Entertainment (1997)

1. Bad Intentions (Produced by The Enhancer)
2. Side of the Tracks (Produced by Sean T)
3. Everyday All Day (Produced by Black C)
4. Situationz (Produced by Chill Black & Mr. Laid)
5. Breakin' Bitchez (feat. Young Erik, Mac Shawn & Taydatay) (Produced by Johnny Z)
6. Exposed 2 the Game (feat. Sean T) (Produced by Sean T)
7. No Sense (Produced by Funk Daddy)
8. Functioneerz (Produced by Chill Black & Mr. Laid)
9. Creepin' (Produced by Black C)
10. Swerve On (feat. Crooked Path) (Produced by Funk Daddy)
11. So Sick (feat. Taydatay) (Produced by Sean T)



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beatnick & K-Salaam - Common S.T.O.R.Y.

Okay, so here is the story: for the last 4 months I have been heavy on the grind. Spending most of my time throwing shows, DJing clubs/events, doing interviews, building relationships with artists, setting up tours, shopping beats, etc… Now, while I was busy doing all of that, my production partner, the young and multi-talented Beatnick, was heavy in the lab cooking up some new sounds. I remember there was a little stretch where we hadn’t spoken to each other in a minute, and he almost seemed like a different person. I had a hunch that he had stumbled upon some new musical ideas. Then I recall very clearly walking into his studio one day and being completely blown away when all of the sudden the most vibrant and dynamic sounds that I had ever heard completely took over me. I realized right then and there that his musical capabilities had reached another plateau in that he was creating something that was completely new, and did not sound like anything that had come before it. 99% of artists never reach that point. I’m talking even great artists…

I will say this, I have been around what I consider to be some of the most talented people of our generation: Just Blaze, Pharoahe Monch, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Bobbito Garcia, Suheir Hammad, Mos Def, and others… I can say in all honesty that Beatnick is on the same level as these people. I am aware that this is a bold statement, but I know what I see and even more importantly, -> I know what I hear.

With that said, the sounds that I heard coming out of Beatnick’s studio that day would ultimately be the building blocks to what defines us as a production team; and in my humble opinion, what is going to define the direction of music for years to come. Okay, so maybe my opinion isn’t so “humble,” but at least it’s honest. Either way, this project is what is going to introduce us to the world. And for that, I am proud and excited.

One thing about this Common Remix Project that you cannot say is this: you cannot say that we didn’t create a new sound.



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