Friday, October 30, 2009

Reggae Friday - Mad Professor - In A Rub A Dub Style (1983)

This album on Amazon is running about 189 USD for a new copy so don't feel bad about downloading this one. This is some dub music with heavy drums and signature Mad Professor keyboards. Lots of unique sounds and instruments added to the fray, very interesting album with lots of layers being moved around constantly.

1. Dubbin Jah
2. Bad Man Dubbing
3. Lightning Dub
4. Cruel Dub
5. Classic Dub
6. True Skank
7. Wicked Skank
8. Skanking Girl
9. Wolf Skank
10. Skanking Princess


Reggae Friday - Carlton & The Shoes - This Heart of Mine (1982)

Some nice reggae about love and unity. Every song is reggae bliss.

1. This Heart Of Mine
2. Give Me Little More
3. Don't Change
4. Better Days
5. I'm In Chains
6. Arise Abraham
7. Sincerely Yours
8. Send Us Moses
9. Never Give Your Heart Away


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part. 1 (2008)

The only thing I can say is that I can't wait for part. 2

  1. Amerykahn Promise
  2. The Healer  
  3. Me
  4. My People 
  5. Soldier
  6. The Cell 
  7. Twinkle
  8. Master Teacher 
  9. That Hump
  10. Telephone 
Bonus : Honey

So basically this is the first album of a short serie I'll feature regarding my 7 something hours drive. I've listened to this album a countless of times before and it amazes me everytime in a new way, some songs I know now by heart and I love to sing along. The beats are pretty heavy on some songs and it's a really good car banger. It can also work wonders as a background sound when accompanied.

Justice System - Rooftop Soundcheck (1994)

Classic album from 1994 that encompasses funk, soul and jazz rhythms perfectly into hip hop. The sound is very live and upbeat while remaining meaningful yet extraordinarily entertaining. Don't pass this album up, it is beyond words.

1. Due Our Time
2. Trouble on My Mind
3. Flexin' tha Ill Funk
4. Dedication to Bambaataa
5. Summer in the City
6. Santana
7. Ill-River Expedition
8. Justice Funkin'
9. Jacquelina
10. Just Because
11. Soulstyle
12. Take It to the Stage
13. Summer in the City [Sunshine Blend]
14. Jacquelina Outro



E. Reece & Core Elements - L.I.S.n 2 This Live.In.Studio. (2008)

Great album from emcee E. Reece and the band Core Elements. The band really shines throughout while E. Reece does well to keep up. The sound of this album is live jazz/hip hop and is very pleasing to the ears.

1. Intro
2. In Love
3. Mic Check
4. Jazzercise Interlude
5. Everything
6. How We Do
7. Life Changes
8. Sweat Box Interlude
9. Well, Well, Well Ft. Chante Carmel
10. Everything (Take Me Back Remix)
11. Hot Feet Interlude
12. Keepin It Movin
13. Tha Feelin'
14. Make A Change
15. Mic Check (D2 Remix)
16. What U Need (Smooth Current Remix)

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Styles Of Beyond - Megadef (2003)

Megadef is the second album by S.O.B. and my very first album that got me into JMT/Demigodz/A.O.T.P. ish, the album is really easy to get into it, easy on the ears, enjoyable and definitely one of the my favorite California's underground rap. The album cover designed as a reference to heavy metal band Metallica (by Mike Shinoda, if I'm not mistaken).

  1. Intro – 1:07
  2. Megadef – 2:31
  3. Mr. Brown – 3:33
  4. You Lose – 3:17
  5. Interlude – 0:12
  6. Be Your Dog – 3:37
  7. Pay Me (feat. 4-Zone) – 4:33
  8. Outta Control – 4:06
  9. Bleach – 3:11
  10. Playing With Fire (feat. Apathy & Celph Titled) – 3:49
  11. Live Enough (Remix) – 3:27
  12. Round 'Em Up – 4:01
  13. Eurobiks – 2:56
  14. Superstars – 3:39

Friday, October 23, 2009

Reggae Friday - Big Youth - Natty Cultural Dread (1976)

Big Youth has a crazy style and way of getting his message across. With hits such as Every Nigger Is A Star (which is quite the jam) he isn't your ordinary reggae singer. Many dub elements are used in his music along with a strong mix of roots and dancehall making for some very fresh reggae music.

1. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
2. Natty Cultural Dread
3. Hell Is For Heroes
4. Jim Squashey
5. Touch Me In The Morning
6. Every Nigger Is A Star
7. I Love The Way You Love
8. The Day I Laid My Eyes On You
9. Keep Your Dread
10. I Light And I Salvation

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Reggae Friday - 10 Ft Ganja Plant - Hillside Airstrip (2001)

The break off band of John Brown's Body, 10 Ft Ganja Plant make reggae music with roots reggae at its heart. This is my favorite of their many releases but all of them are excellent. Many good vibes will come from this album so check it out.

1. Long Time Ago
2. Pure Sugar
3. Jah Will Go On
4. Time I Know
5. Soul Love
6. Two Bulls
7. Walkey Walk Tall
8. Hillside Airstrip
9. Born Free
10. New Day



Mac Dre - Young Black Brotha (1993)

The first full length album from Mac Dre and its sound is definitively early 90's west coast. Mac Dre delivers his unique style and flow coupled with funky production from one of the most storied producers Khayree. A must have for any Mac Dre fan.

1. 2 Hard 4 The F--ckin' Radio
2. All Damn Day
3. 2 The Double R "Wit Coolio"
4. On My Toes
5. Get Some Get Right
6. Young Playah'
7. California Livin
8. This Is The Mac
9. I'm N Motion
10. Nothin' Correctable - (interlude)
11. They Don't Understand "Wit Ray Luv"
12. Young Black Brotha
13. Romp Ya'll, The
14. My Chevy "Wit Mac Mall"
15. M.A.C.& MAC D.R.E. "Wit The Mac", The
16. Young Mac Dre
17. Much Love 4 The Mac
18. Gift 2 Gab
19. Piece From Khayree, A
20. U Still Punk Police
21. Out The Water - (interlude)



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lu...Rreals - Track Team (2007)

Lu...Rreals aren't your average kids from Brooklyn. Even though they have a "concious" approach to
Hip-Hop, Translu Brock & Richie Rreals are a very different breed of emcee than Mos Def or Talib
Kweli. They definitely let loose their creativity when they were making this album, and the result is
one of the most vibrant pictures of Brooklyn life I've seen in Hip-Hop. This album is a gem.

1. Crow's Nest
2. Utmost Ft. Cool Calm Pete
3. Moses Fish
4. Holiday Golightly
5. Good Feels
6. Gumption
7. Venus Fly Rap
8. NY Shitty Ft. Illzburry
9. Gogetgood
10. Lady Luck
11. Speakeasy
12. The Playoff
13. Turn Styles...

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Wax Tailor - In The Mood For Life (Instrumentals) (2009)

These are the instrumentals for In The Mood For Life and I much prefer them to the original album. Wax Tailor has amazing way around the music and it really shines with the absence of the vocals. If you want to hear both discs just buy the album and you will have both the original and the instrumental.

1. City Vapors (Instrumental)
2. Dragon Chasers (Instrumental)
3. Already Begun (skit)
4. B-Boy on Wax (Instrumental)
5. Street Scent (skit)
6. No Pity (Instrumental)
7. Dry Your Eyes (Instrumental)
8. Masquerade Theme (skit)
9. Until Heaven Stops The Rain (Instrumental)
10. More Songs (skit)
11. Leave It (Instrumental)
12. Escape Theme (skit)
13. Go Without Me (Instrumental)
14. This Train (Instrumental)
15. Sit & Listen (instrumental)
16. Fireflies (Instrumental)
17. Say Yes (Instrumental)
18. I Own You (Instrumental)
19. Greenfields (Instrumental


**the link got taken down, gonna have to buy for now

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reggae Friday - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation (1983)

Whoever keeps filing Copyright complaints even after I removed the download link for these can go fuck themselves. Seriously I hope you faggots get paralyzed.

Reggae Friday - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Burnin' (1973)

Whoever keeps filing Copyright complaints even after I removed the download link for these can go fuck themselves. Seriously I hope you faggots get paralyzed.

Reggae Friday - Peter Tosh - Live & Dangerous Boston (1976)

This was the first Peter Tosh cd I ever listened to and it couldn't have been a better introduction. I believe that he was at his best when performing live and he really shines (along with the band) in this live concert recorded in Boston.

1. Instrumental Intro
2. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
3. 400 Years
4. No Sympathy
5. Burial
6. Mark of the Beast
7. Babylon Queendom
8. Why Must I Cry
9. What'cha Gonna Do?
10. Stepping Razor
11. Ketchy Shuby



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Singapore Kane - Living Militant (2009)

Some solid east coast hip hop for ya from 2009.

1. Whatever I Wanna Do
2. Livin’ Militant
3. Sufferer
4. Mollywhopped (feat. Big Shug)
5. Rise Up (feat. Big Shug)
6. Bust Ya Sh-t
7. Street Legends (feat. Chan)
8. Fastlife
9. Summer In The City
10. Superstar
11. You And What Army
12. Don’t Take It Personal (feat. Big Shug)
13. Inner City Youth
14. Stop Playin’
15. You Understand

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Reggae Friday - Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication (1978)

Keith Hudson lets it all hang out on Rasta Communication. Perfect balance of message and music for your soul.

1. Rasta Communication
2. Felt We Felt The Strain
3. Bloody Eyes
4. Rasta Country
5. I Broke The Comb
6. I'm Not Satisfied
7. I'm No Fool
8. Jonah
9. Musicology
10. I Won't Compromise



Monday, October 5, 2009

Diafrix - Concrete Jungle (2009)

I got a lot of respect for The Diafrix. These guys went from struggling African refugees, to established artists at the centre of the Australian Hip-Hop scene. There aren't many rappers with that kind of experience, and it definitely sets them apart. Musically this album mixes Reggae, Afro-beat, & World music with danceable Hip-Hop. Check it out.

1. Time Will Tell
2. Concrete Jungle
3. Mr. Shakongo
4. Esl Ft. 1_6
5. Crazy Ft. N'fa
6. In Tha Place Ft. Mantra - C
7. African Affair
8. Birth of Hip-Hop
9. Mama Africa (Djarbi) Ft. K
10. Out of Control
11. Let's Go
12. Dangerous Ft. Nadee
13. So Upset Ft. Traffik
14. Redemption

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mantis - Still Life (2009)

Straight out of Canada, Mantis is Hip-Hop's newest emcee/producer extraordinaire. On the mic, his presence is undeniable. His style is completely refined, and he conveys complex emotions with sincerity and ease. On the boards, he combines funk & soul with hard-hitting boom-bap, to create some original beats. Don't sleep on this.

1. The Future Is...
2. Reel To Reel
3. You Don't Know
4. Sunshine Ft. Rufus John
5. Warning Shot
6. Bounce Back
7. Love Music
8. What?
9. One For The Money
10. Lay Low
11. Still Life
12. One For The Money Remix

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Reggae Friday - Ernest Wilson - Love Revolution (1986)

It's a revolution of love when Ernest Wilson steps pon de microphone. Whether it be for the almighty or for your girl Ernest Wilson brings love to the vibe and in the best way possible. Think Twice is that song, I play it on repeat every time this album comes on.

1. Jah Mark X Fedat
2. Tempo Love
3. Come To Me
4. To Be Free
5. Love Revelolution
6. Think Twice
7. Cant Let Go
8. Hop Hop Hop


Reggae Friday - Leroy Smart - Too Much Grudgefulness (1981)

Leroy sings of love throughout this easy going reggae album and adds many dub elements to his music with the help of the Channel One Band. The closing song makes this album worth the download alone.

1. Too Much Grudgefulness
2. Closer To You
3. Thief In The Night
4. Want You In My Arms
5. This Love I Am Feeling
6. Jah Forgive Them (Extended)
7. Sadness
8. Live Loving
9. I Am The Only One


Thursday, October 1, 2009

James Brown - Sex Machine Live in Augusta (1970)

One of my favorite James Brown albums and its also the introduction of Bootsy Collins to the world at the young age of 17. Some have debated whether or not this was actually live but I really don't care because the music itself is amazing and incredibly funky. James Brown truly was the godfather of soul and funk.

1. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
2. Brother Rapp, Pts. 1-2
3. Bewildered
4. I Got the Feelin'
5. Give It Up or Turnit a Loose
6. I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing
7. Licking Stick -- Licking Stick
8. Lowdown Popcorn
9. Spinning Wheel
10. If I Ruled the World
11. There Was a Time
12. It's a Man's Man's Man's World
13. Please, Please, Please
14. I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)
15. Mother Popcorn



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