Friday, March 26, 2010

Reggae Friday - Freddie McGregor - 56 Hope Road (1979)

This album was originally released as Mr. McGregor but was re released as 56 Hope Road. Freddie McGregor has an amazing voice that lifts up any reggae song. This is some fine roots reggae.

1. We Got Love
2. Walls Of Jericho
3. Jah Can Count On I
4. Oh No, Not My Baby
5. Why Did You Do It
6. Zion Chant
7. Rastaman Camp
8. Do Good
9. Brandy
10. Rasta Have Faith


Reggae Friday - Garnett Silk - Give I Strength (2003)

This is a little bit of a change in pace from the normal reggae friday. Garnett Silk is a dancehall singer who is most likely known for the song I Not For Sale (which is featured on this album). If you have ever heard Beres Hammond then you will know what to expect from Garnett Silk.

1. Kingly Character
2. Judge Not
3. Rejoice In Is Name
4. Splashing Dashing
5. The Rod
6. I Not For Sale
7. Complain
8. One Of A Kind
9. Give I Strength
10. Don't Test
11. Say You Don't Love Me
12. All Alone
13. Hold On
14. Every Knee Shall Bow
15. Like A Mother To Me
16. Silk Chant



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Double Helix - Soundproof (2003)

Double Helix is a group of emcees Surreal and Bongo with DJ Balance on the boards and cuts. This is a really solid album and fans of Surreal will know what to expect from him. There is a strong reggae vibe mixed with hip hop on this record, and I believe it meshes very well.

1. Word of Mouth
2. Homegrown
3. Soundproof
4. Words of Wisdom
5. SoundAdvice
6. Droppin Some Ish
7. Back 2 Basics
8. Stroke of Genius
9. Smoke Signals
10. Cornerstore Mathematics
11. Divine Intervention (feat. Nelson Sanchez)
12. One Blood (Revisited)
13. Lost Art
14. Old and Grey
15. Cast Off Skin
16. A Dream Becomes Reality
17. S.I.G.H.T.
18. A Toast
19. Hidden Track


Friday, March 19, 2010

Reggae Friday - The Heptones - Meet the Now Generation (1972)

Classic roots reggae from the ever famous Heptones. They use beautiful harmonies and righteous lyrics.

1. Hypocrite
2. Save The Last Dance
3. Our Day Will Come
4. Freedom To The People
5. Freedom Train
6. Everyday Every Night
7. Love Has Many Faces
8. Be The One
9. The Road Is Rough
10. The Magnificent Heptones
11. George Headley Medley
12. I've Got A Feeling



Reggae Friday - Augustus Pablo - King David's Melody (1983)

Augustus Pablo was the master of the melodic, not to mention he could play pretty much every other instrument. All of his albums are greatness made in the name of Jah.

1. King David's Melody
2. Zion High
3. Mr. Bassie
4. West Abyssinia
5. Israel in Harmony [Dub][Version]
6. Israel Dub
7. Rockers Mood
8. Sufferers Trod
9. Revelation Time
10. Selfish Youths
11. Cornerstone Dub
12. Kent Road
13. Hot Mile [12" Mix w/Dub][Dub][Version]
14. Freedom Step
15. Jah Strength Ital Step



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Stylistics - Round 2 (1972)

This is my favorite Stylistics album. They are a soul group originating in Philadelphia during the 70's. A lot of their songs in general have been sampled in current hip hop music and this album is a testament to why they are so widely sampled.

1. I'm Stone In Love With You
2. If You Don't Watch Out
3. You And Me
4. It's Too Late
5. Children Of The Night
6. You'll Never Get To Heaven (if You Break My Heart)
7. Break Up To Make Up
8. Peek-a-boo
9. You're As Right As Rain
10. Pieces



Friday, March 12, 2010

Reggae Friday - King Web & The Revelation - A New Star (1987)

Awesome roots reggae album that was surprisingly difficult to find info on. Like most roots reggae albums this one is short and full of life.

1. A New Star
2. All We Need Is Love
3. Crossroad South Africa
4. The Pain I Feel
5. Happy Birthday
6. Bob One
7. The Drifter
8. Israel And Egypt
9. What Can I Do
10. Jah Jah


Monday, March 8, 2010

Zaboo AKA Boozilla - Full Fledged Member

Game Bangin' Records (1998)

This is probably the best album to come out of Denver. Zaboo is a producer for AWOL Records and this albums production holds true to that g-funk style and features many AWOL artists.

1. Intro
2. Puttin-It-Down-Doin' It
3. To My Understanding
4. Brain Cell Suicide
5. Still Deadly N Da Game
6. Don't Be Runnin' Yo Mouth About Da Dick
7. Rich N Da Game
8. The Players Woes
9. Skit
10. This is a Raid
11. Club Time
12. Snipers
13. Four Deadly Weapons
14. We Some Doggy Doggs
15. Carefully Steppin'
16. Chop Suey
17. Full Fledged Member


Woodie - Yoc Influenced

East Co. Co. Records (1999)

This EP is short and sweet. Smooth gangster tales over dark bangin' g-funk beats.

1. Callin' Your Bluff
2. Yoc Influenced
3. Dirty Deeds
4. Shits Gone Strange
5. The Streets are Callin' Me
6. The Clock is Tickin'
7. Norte Sidin'
8. Outro
9. Take My Soul
10. Mind Games


Friday, March 5, 2010

Reggae Friday - The Gladiators - Back To Roots (1982)

The Gladiators are timeless roots reggae music. Every song is a great one.

1. Prayer To Jah
2. The Race
3. Guts
4. Marcus Garvey Time
5. Rich Man, Poor Man
6. No Wrong Idea
7. The Warriors
8. God Bless
9. Streets Of Freedom
10. Follow The RainbowCD Re-Release2000
11. On The Other Side
12. Chatty Chatty Mouth
13. Talking Blues
14. Rude Boy Ska


Reggae Friday - Freddie McGregor - Big Ship (1982)

Roots reggae music.

1. Big Ship
2. Sweet Lady
3. Peaceful Man
4. Stop Loving You
5. Get Serious
6. Don't Play The Fool
7. Get United
8. Let Me Be The One
9. Roots Man Skanking
10. Holy Mount Zion



Sound Providers - An Evening With The Sound Providers (2004)

I'm sure by now it's known that I'm a fan of the jazz/hip-hop fusion. If you're like me, you'll love this album (and the one posted below this). This is very relaxing music, enjoyable for all. Highly recommended.

  1. Intro
  2. Live At The Spot 1
  3. For Old Time's Sake (feat. Asheru)
  4. Night Steps
  5. 5 Minutes (feat. The Procussions)
  6. Only Moments Ago
  7. Autumns Evening Breeze
  8. Live At the Spot 2
  9. It's Gonna Bee Alright (feat. Wee Bee Foolish)
  10. Jazz At The Cove
  11. The Throwback (feat. Maspyke)
  12. Live At The Spot 3
  13. The Prodigial Return
  14. Live At The Spot 4
  15. Pacific Vibrations
  16. Live At The Spot 5
  17. Braggin' and Boastin' (feat. Little Brother)
  18. Live At The Spot 6
  19. Outro

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bodega Man - the jazz album: recession thinking

This is some sample heavy, jazzy laid back grown man hip hop right here. All but 2 songs are under 3 minutes so its pretty short but it is executed so damn well. This albums is extremely easy to relate to if you have a job and pay bills while just trying to relax and find time for yourself.

1. Recession Thinking
2. Suckas are Not Recession Proof
3. Sing for You
4. Change In My Pocket
5. Paycheck
6. Stress feat. Saren
7. Lucy
8. Drinking
9. Teeth
10. Tuition
11. Dear Peons
12. Spanish
13. Go On and Cry feat. Mikel Write
14. Mr. Elegance
15. Revolt
16. U and Me
17. Q the Tape feat. A.T
18. Be Happy that You are Living
19. Outro

Link to free album

The Saturday Knights - Mingle (2008)

The Saturday Knights are a Rock/Hip-Hop crossover group with a fun-loving, mic-rocking ethic. The formula is simple: frontmen Tilson and Barfly write comical, cartoony tunes while DJ Suspence crafts guitar-driven, pop-friendly backdrops. It's catchy, light-hearted, and easy to get into. Give it a listen.

1. 45
2. Count it Off
3. Dog Park
4. Foreign Affair
5. Mutt
6. Private School Girl
7. Motorin'
8. Patches
9. Surf Song
10. Nobody Beats Us
11. Ass Kicker's Haircut
12. I Go
13. The Gospel


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