Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spice 1 - 1990-Sick

1994 (Jive Records)

Apparently OOP classic g-funk album, Spice 1 kicks the gangsta tales over excellent production from the likes of Ant Banks, Bosko and BlackJack. The subject matter is limited, to murder murder and more murder, but it doesn't sound forced or lead to a monotonous album.

1. 1990-Sick (Kill 'Em All)
2. Dirty Bay
3. Mind of a Sick Nigga
4. Drama Listen
5. Mobbin'
6. Survival
7. Tales of the Niggas Who Got Crept On
8. Sucka Ass Niggas
9. Faces of Death
10. 1-800 (Straight from the Pen)
11. Ain't No Love
12. Funky Chickens
13. Snitch Killas
14. Can U Feel It
15. 1990-Sick (Kill 'Em All)



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