Tuesday, September 14, 2010

K-Murdock - Mood Muzik Vol. 2: Piano-Rama (2010)

The more I listen to this amazing album the more I love it. Easily one of my favorite albums of 2010, K-Murdock is also my favorite producer of 2010 with his amazing catalog that keeps getting bigger and better. The first Mood Muzik was all instrumental but this time around he gets guest MC's and singers while throwing in some instrumental interludes here and there. Don't sleep on one of the most innovative and decorated producers of our generation.

1. Intro
2. Star Seeds
3. The Chosen
4. Up-Rizing
5. Instro-lude #1 (Streisand)
6. A Better Kiss Goodbye
7. Hello Light
8. Concrete Jungle
9. Instro-lude #2 (IGYB)
10. Mood Muzik
11. Tobias (A Jazz Tribute)
12. One Second Pause
13. Instro-lude #3 (Mirage)
14. They Don't Know
15. Strangers Are Hard To Find
16. The Gauntlet
17. Outro
18. Fallen Star




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