Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GM Grimm - Digital Tears: Email from Purgatory (2004)

MF Grimm aka GM Grimm is Superstar Jet Jaguar on this album. This is the only album where he uses his Grand Master status on the cover or as an alias. The album itself is typical Grimm, stories and excellently written songs but as a whole tends to be something that grows on you.

1. Intro
2. All Y'All
3. Stable
4. Dr. Death
5. The Deal is Done by Monte Smith
6. Go Back
7. Dancin'
8. Enemy at Home by Monte Smith
9. Black Helicopter feat. Jihad
10. Straight Babylon No Chaser by Monte Smith
11. Digital Tears
12. Ying & Yang feat. Agu aka Mr. Voodoo & Su-Ann Ortiz
13. The Way
14. Taken
15. Love Jones feat. Jihad
16. Rotten
17. Voices (The Final Chapter)
18. Happy
19. Superstar J.J. feat. Su-Ann Ortiz
20. Static
21. Outro


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