Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DJ Muggs and Planet Asia - Pain Language (2008)

This hip hop album is a little hard to get into at first but once you become familiar with the sound it should click. The production is very low key but vintage DJ Muggs and Planet Asia is as excellent as ever on the mic. Definitely some gritty boom bap type shit.

1. Sleeper Cell
2. Pain Language
3. Smoke
4. 9MM (Feat. B-Real)
5. That's What It Is
6. Black Mask Men
7. Lions In The Forest (Feat. B-Real)
8. Death Frees Every Soul (Feat. Sick Jacken)
9. All Hail The King
10. Black Angels (Feat. Killah Priest, Cynic & Scratch)
11. Language
12. Drama
13. Deadly Blades (Feat. Prodigal Sunn & Tri State)
14. Hashashins (Feat. Turban & Chace Infinite)
15. Shadows Of Hell
16. Triple Threat (Feat. GZA & Chace Infinite)



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