Thursday, March 17, 2011

WC - Revenge of the Barracuda (2011)

WC came back on the scene with his long awaited album, Revenge of the Barracuda. This is an excellent demonstration of West Coast hip hop. Also there are two bonus tracks from itunes but I can't seem to find them anywhere else online. If anyone has these please send me a link, I would love to have them.

1. Revenge Of The Barracuda
2. You Know Me (feat. Ice Cube)
3. Reality Show
4. What's Good (feat. Kokane)
5. Walking In My Taylors
6. That's What I'm Talking About
7. Sticking To The Script (feat. Daz, Kurupt, Bad Lucc & Soopafly)
8. 100% Legit
9. D Boy
10. Hustla (feat. Juvenile)
11. The Spot (feat. Maylay)
12. Dub C



prezza said...

Here you go Bud.

Bushdoctor420 said...

You are the mother fucking man prezza!!!

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