Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nonfiktion - Creative Differences

This classic Sacramento album, is a collaboration between rappers Gangsta Dre and Young Jayda. Originally released in 1996 it went out of print soon after, re-released in 1998 on Black Market Records only to go out of print a second time. One of my favorite albums out of Sacramento. Fans of Brotha Lynch will not be dissapointed, though this is not on the same siccness that Lynch comes with.

RUG Records (1996)

1. Willfully and Unlawfully (feat. Mr. K-Getta)
2. Raw Game (feat. Lo-Skee & Mr. K-Getta)
3. Burgandy Day (feat. LeMay & Melle Mel)
4. Soldier
5. Puttin it Down (feat. Insane & Psycho)
6. Highway Music
7. Life Gets Hard (feat. Marvaless)
8. East-West Party (feat. Mike Mayfield)
9. Murder Pays
10. My Joint
11. Smoke One (feat. Mr. K-Getta & Lo-Skee)



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