Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brothaz Bent - Up from the Desert (2007)

This album is hip hop best described as grimey style lyrics with sample heavy minimalistic beats. The cover is rather odd and so is a lot of what they say but its raw and is definitely worth a listen.

1. Up From The Desert
2. Polluted Skyline
3. Daria
4. Knocturne
5. Feast Of The Fortress
6. New World Approaching
7. God Is At War
8. Life Of A Fool
10. Hawgfrog
11. Catching Nods
12. Hollywoodland
13. Evagreen
14. Bring The Whole Family
15. Venstas
16. House On Top Of The World
17. Grainy Nights
18. Expect Thorns
19. Nuff Jewels
20. Rock vs. Water (part 2)
21. Mirrors (Venice & Bentley)
22. Scorn To Be Blue
23. Temple Of The Livivng Swing



Anonymous said...

This is a very dope album and i think t goes to my all time top 10 hiphop list.There's 23 tracks and none of them is bad..that tells alot!

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