Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Castheadwork - Natural Patterns (2003)

When my buddy sent me this album and said he wasn't sure how to describe it my interests peaked. This Vancouver group comes correct from several different angles and would be best described as chill mood music. Some tracks are instrumental while others contain subtle messages but every track is full length idea perfectly executed.

1. In.Out.Tro (Evolve)
2. In December
3. Not Your Typical feat. MC Shay
4. Acoustic Ecologie
5. Stare At The Sun
6. Keep On Staring feat. Evan Arnson
7. Still Standing
8. Ages
9. Beats For Smart People
10. Control
11. Never No
12. Needs
13. Vancouver Eyes
14. Deeper
15. Hassles Stressin' feat. Evan Arnson
16. Ages Original (Bonus Track)
17. Struggles Of A Man (Bonus Track)



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Anonymous said...

this album is awesome. track 8 is corrupt though

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