Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poetic Hustlaz - Trials & Tribulationz (1997)

When Bone Thugs N Harmony blew up and were able to kick start Mo Thugs records this was the first group they signed. The production is similar to Bone Thugs records from 97 as are the lyrics. Their voices don't sound like Bone at all so its a good mix up from the fast rhyming to something a little smoother.

1. Intro & Insanity
2. Don't Trust A Bitch
3. Day & Night
4. Parlay With A Hustla
5. Time Will Reveal
6. Cross Me And You Die
7. Weekend Buzz
8. Trials & Tribulations
9. Smilin' In Your Face
10. Searchin' 4 Peace
11. Time Will Reveal (Acoustic)




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