Thursday, July 1, 2010

AG - Everything's Berri (2010)

AG coming back with an album made in tribute to some his friends that have moved on to the next life (Party Arty, Roc Raida and Guru). Produced by AG, Ray West and Menocal this album carries a very laid back and slow style. Style is heavily NY which is no surprise considering AG's DITC background. One of my favorite albums from 2010, this has been on repeat for awhile now.

1. NY So Loud
2. On the Block (3rd Ave. Spot)
3. Infected
4. Xenobia
5. Dancin' With A Shifter
6. MarcBerri feat. Roc Marciano
7. Party Hard, Hustle Hard feat. Party Arty
8. Berriville
9. Tweet Heart
10. Dreams
11. I Wanna Chill
12. Remand Me on My Stay feat. 950plus
13. Destroy Rebuild Repeat
14. No She Didn't
15. Fuck The Club
16. On the Block (Tremont Spot) feat. Abdul Jabar
17. YMI Still Here



Anonymous said...

thx bro this goes deeper than music this is art ! propz to AG

Jack Daniel said...

I was a HUUUGE fan of Show & Ag...back in the days when I was listening to underground hiphop music...I loved all the D.I.T.C. shit!!

Maaaad props fo' uploading this shit, my n***a!!

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