Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dre Dog - I Hate You With A Passion (1995)

Andre Nickatina isn't the most conventional artist but he can convey dark emotion and a sense of evil almost like no other. When I was first recommended this album my buddy said I needed to be high to really hear it. He was exactly right, you need to be in that state of mind the first time you listen to really delve into this album. Situation Critical is one of Nickatina's greatest songs.

1. Muthafucka
2. Situation Critical
3. Powda 4 The Hoes
4. Killa Whale
5. Ike Turner
6. Piece Of My Mind
7. Hit It From The Back
8. Dirty Worm
9. Fillmoe
10. Killin Of The Caine
11. The Stress Factor
12. U Ain't My Folks
13. Mind Full Of Hatred
14. Straight 2 The Point
15. A Diamond



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