Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bonobo - Black Sands (2010)

Accomplished musician and producer, Bonobo has everything I enjoy about the instrumental/electronic genre. His albums have natural timing and convey a wonderfully constructed atmosphere. This is a must have for fans of the genre.

1. Prelude
2. Kiara
3. Kong
4. Eyesdown
5. El Toro
6. We Could Forever
7. 1009
8. All In Forms
9. The Keeper
10. Stay The Same
11. Animals
12. Black Sands

Link was taken down, I will reup later


ralston said...

this album is really good...i stumbled on your site today...thanks for posting such a diverse mix of good music...i look forward to exploring the site further...

Bushdoctor420 said...

i am glad you like the site

JokerLand said...

Bonobo keep knocking me out! Great tunes!

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