Friday, May 28, 2010

Reggae Friday - King Tubby - Balmagie Jam Rock (2003)

A collection of songs from the King Tubby vault recorded from 1966 to 1979, this is a great compilation of King Tubby's roots reggae and dub.

1. The Roots Prophet And The Mix
2. Water House Road Block
3. Balmagie Jam Rock
4. From Channel 1 To King Tubby's Studio
5. Curfew In Tower Hill
6. Pen Wood Road Gang War
7. Valrie Crown The King
8. Saturday Dub Cut Only
9. Gully Bank Dub Session
10. Rewind And Mix
11. Dub Plate Rule
12. Dedicated To Lucky And Pug
13. Kt88 Of Power
14. Respect To Carl I Kelly
15. Dedicated To Ervin
16. Pigin Gang Merder In Tower Hill



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