Thursday, May 13, 2010

J. Rawls & Middle Child - Rawls and Middle (2008)

Some soulful music from producer J. Rawls and RnB artist Middle Child. J. Rawls has never disappointed me once with his production and Middle Child is a blessing upon the ears.

1. Rawls & Middle (Intro)
2. Til the Sun Comes
3. Lovers On A Stroll
4. Useless
5. Can I Be Real
6. By Your Side (Intro)
7. By Your Side
8. Kick in the Door (feat. Wallabe)
9. Put Something In The Air
10. My Dreams
11. Thankful
12. Get It On (Get Ghost)
13. Don’t Lock My Drummer Up
14. I’ll Be Waiting (Sophie Redux)
15. Music Over Madness
16. My Dreams (Reprise)
17. Rawls & Middle (Outro)



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