Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dex AKA Riff Raff McGriff - The Laboratorian Saga LP (2007)

Debut album from the most mysterious member of the Epsilon Project: Dex AKA Riff Raff Mcgriff. Every track on the Labatorian Saga is laced with witty, visual rhyming. Dex is a tremendously versatile emcee that blows you away whether he's tackling a conceptual track like "Summer Song," or spitting battle rhymes on the album finisher "Spit Shine." He's also got some refined production skills. His sound is distinctly boom-bap, with spaced-out dissonant samples, and grimy drums. Play this record loud.

1. The Saga Begins
2. The New 16
3. Respect It
4. Ademisk's Return
5. X On The Move
6. Summer Song
7. Tranquility
8. Today
9. Rocket Boy
10. Night Rider
11. Her
12. Highway to Hell
13. Follow Me
14. Easy Killer
15. Spit Shine


Anonymous said...

Take a walk around the block with this. it's good.

I also recommend Da All Nighta by The Primeridian.

chronwell said...

I found about Dex thru a YT interview. He's from the OX and he's down with Georgia and Dudley. He's a smart brother.

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