Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animate Objects - Riding in Fast Cars With Your Momma (2007)

Animate Objects is a hip hop band (as in they use live instrumentation, The Roots are the obvious comparison) from Philly making music that ranges from fun-loving and upbeat (El Dorado) to more serious (Phoenix). The production here is great, and of course organic sounding due to a band being involved. The emcees do a solid job throughout; you won't be writing home about them though. Regardless, this album gives off a great vibe from start to finish.

01. The Weight
02. Riding (In Fast Cars With Your Momma)
03. Clive
04. Phoenix
05. Beautiful
06. Midnight Blue
07. Get Back!
08. Slow
09. Zeno's Paradox
10. This Dance
11. El Dorado
12. The Battle Of Now




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