Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antennasia - Cinemice (2005)

A friend recommended me Antennasia as I was on my search of not typical pop-rock japanese bands.  Cinemice is their second album and could be classified as jazz-ambient . What definitely sets the mood is the singer's voice. One of my most listened japanese albums... No, it is simply my most listened album.

  1. Prologue 
  2. Takarajima  
  3. Hayek 
  4. Silky Curtain 
  5. 7 Steps (Interlude #1)
  6. Blank
  7. Sorrow 
  8. Let Me In (Interlude #2) 
  9. Slumpin' 
  10. Sofa 
  11. Mermaidance 
  12. Lost (Interlude #3) 
  13. Muaratoi 
  14. Epilogue
Now don't get me wrong.. I love all the songs, but to go easy on the hearts, I just put one next to my favorite song. 


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