Monday, February 1, 2010

Rasco - Time Waits For No Man (1998)

I wasn't aware of this until today, but Rasco is an acronym for "realistic, ambitious, serious, cautious, organized." If you've ever heard this cali agent spit, you know that's what he's all about. Time Waits For No Man was Rasco's debut, and it displays his rhyme braggadocios in peak form. Behind the boards Rasco recruited a number of the West Coast's pioneering beat makers, and the result is one of the most well produced West Coast albums of the late 90s. PB Wolf's harrowing piano sample on "Sucka's Don't Respect It" is probably my personal favorite, but low-key gems such as the Fanatik produced "Unassisted" shouldn't be underestimated.

1. Intro
2. Time Waits For No Man Ft. Encore
3. Sucka's Don't Respect It
4. Bits & Pieces
5. Major League Ft. Defari & Dilated Peoples
6. Me & My Crew
7. What It's All About
8. View To A Kill
9. Unassisted DJ Battle Ft. Vin Roc
10. Unassisted
11. What Y'All Wanna Do
12. Hip Hip Essentials
13. Hey Love
14. Heat Seeking
15. Outro (Shout Outs)


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