Monday, March 8, 2010

Zaboo AKA Boozilla - Full Fledged Member

Game Bangin' Records (1998)

This is probably the best album to come out of Denver. Zaboo is a producer for AWOL Records and this albums production holds true to that g-funk style and features many AWOL artists.

1. Intro
2. Puttin-It-Down-Doin' It
3. To My Understanding
4. Brain Cell Suicide
5. Still Deadly N Da Game
6. Don't Be Runnin' Yo Mouth About Da Dick
7. Rich N Da Game
8. The Players Woes
9. Skit
10. This is a Raid
11. Club Time
12. Snipers
13. Four Deadly Weapons
14. We Some Doggy Doggs
15. Carefully Steppin'
16. Chop Suey
17. Full Fledged Member



Anonymous said...

El track 16 (Chop Suey) da error al descomprimir. Se puede reparar?.

Bushdoctor420 said...

try re downloading it, if the error persists then make another comment and i will re up it when I have available time.

Anonymous said...

El error persiste.
Se agradeceria mucho si lo vuelves a subir.


Bushdoctor420 said...

new link is up now

Anonymous said...

Se agradece el tiempo que dedicas!!.


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