Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bodega Man - the jazz album: recession thinking

This is some sample heavy, jazzy laid back grown man hip hop right here. All but 2 songs are under 3 minutes so its pretty short but it is executed so damn well. This albums is extremely easy to relate to if you have a job and pay bills while just trying to relax and find time for yourself.

1. Recession Thinking
2. Suckas are Not Recession Proof
3. Sing for You
4. Change In My Pocket
5. Paycheck
6. Stress feat. Saren
7. Lucy
8. Drinking
9. Teeth
10. Tuition
11. Dear Peons
12. Spanish
13. Go On and Cry feat. Mikel Write
14. Mr. Elegance
15. Revolt
16. U and Me
17. Q the Tape feat. A.T
18. Be Happy that You are Living
19. Outro

Link to free album


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