Friday, March 26, 2010

Reggae Friday - Garnett Silk - Give I Strength (2003)

This is a little bit of a change in pace from the normal reggae friday. Garnett Silk is a dancehall singer who is most likely known for the song I Not For Sale (which is featured on this album). If you have ever heard Beres Hammond then you will know what to expect from Garnett Silk.

1. Kingly Character
2. Judge Not
3. Rejoice In Is Name
4. Splashing Dashing
5. The Rod
6. I Not For Sale
7. Complain
8. One Of A Kind
9. Give I Strength
10. Don't Test
11. Say You Don't Love Me
12. All Alone
13. Hold On
14. Every Knee Shall Bow
15. Like A Mother To Me
16. Silk Chant




Anonymous said...

Give I strength is maybe one of the 10 best reggae song's ever..

Day off said...

Thank you. This is primarily a compilation of remixes / vocals laid on different music than the original hits. Garnett who died very young in a fire, is one of the most important, and unique, reggae singers ever. His commitment to Rastafari and his lyrics focusing on Universal Love fueled a renassiance of cultural music. Although cultural lyrics never fully disppeared from dancehall culture, the music had grown increasingly increasingly slack, focusing on sex, vilence and materialism. Garnett & Tony Rebel, followed by Buju Banton, Capleton, and Sizzla created RastafarI based music that became hits alongside other dancehall music. Garnett was an incredible singer of love songs too. He was a rising star, beloved in Jamaica and by all reggae fans. His death rocked the reggae commnunity, Iand 'm still feeling sad even to this day. What I like about his music is, rather than the anger and judgement of orthodox rasta like Sizzla and Capleton, Garnett advocated progressive love and thoughtful introspection; love your enemies - but keep them at a distance.

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