Friday, August 13, 2010

Reggae Friday - Roots Radics Meet Mighty Revolutionaries - Outernational Riddim (1980)

The Revolutionaries are one of my favorite dub groups and combined with the Roots Radics they could never disappoint. Some great dubs here.

1. Jah Golden Throne Dub
2. Strictly Rodigan Style
3. Straight To Black Echoes Head
4. Tribute To Moa Ambassa
5. Danny Allen Style
6. Tribute To Penny Reel
7. Sir Covin Meets Sir Ansil
8. Straight To Thachers Head
9. Raasclaat Dub
10. Tribute To King Shaka



Anonymous said...

whats the password??

Anonymous said...

GREAT DUB!forget about the password. haha cuz i realized i was thinking this file was another, so forget the question about a password...yee! SF CALI

Anonymous said...

please repost on a new site!!!!

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