Monday, November 30, 2009

People Under The Stairs - The Next Step (1998)

Back from my hiatus. The People Under the Stairs is an underground, LA-Based hip hop duo who have been doing their thing since the late 90's. The group is made up of Thes-One and Double K, both DJs, MCees, and producers. This is one of the few groups who have, unlike many other mainstream and underground acts, managed to stay consistent throughout nearly all of their albums. This one, like the others, is funky and dope, and yet it manages to keep each track sounding a bit different from each other. If you're a fan of that ol' boom bap, you should definitely cop this and the rest of PUTS' discography. Check the previews.

  1. Intro/4 Everybody
  2. Death of a Salesman [Definitely the worst on the album]
  3. Hardcore (ft. Smile-Oak)
  4. Wannabes
  5. Ten Tough Guys
  6. Mid-City Fiesta
  7. Slow Bullet
  8. San Francisco Knights
  9. The Turndown (ft. Assault)
  10. Time To Rock Our Shit
  11. The Tamburo 5 (ft. Namad, Assault, & Shine 5)
  12. Los Angeles Daze
  13. The Next Step II
  14. Dare
  15. Asshole (ft. Assault)
  16. Play It Again/Outro
Amazon [Support! I've personally bought every PUTS album they've ever put out]


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