Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tiron - A: Handshakes & Pounds (2008)

Tiron is a new emcee from Los Angeles that's been getting some buzz lately. This project is the follow-up to his debut mixtape Ketchup, and he's already showing the potential to be one of Hip-Hop's torchbearers. He kinda reminds me of Danny!, and a Kanye comparison wouldn't be far off either. The subject matter is fairly typical. You've got a bunch of tracks about women, money, weed, and Hip-Hop; but his songwriting ability is uncanny. This whole tape is ridiculously consistent and if it weren't for a few recycled beats, you could really mistake it for an album. Keep your eye on Tiron.

1. Never Happy
2. The Product
3. P.I.C.K.Y.
4. Bagger Vance
5. Vacay
6. The La La
7. Next
8. Young Adults
9. Slap Braclets
10. I Give To You (R.I.P.)
11. Boys & Girls
12. Just Because (Featuring Tunji)
13. If
14. Shine On


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