Friday, April 17, 2009

CPO - To Hell And Black

CPO is a group made of Lil Nation/Boss Hogg (he kept using the CPO name after the group), DJ Train, and Young D. CPO was affiliated with ruthless and death row briefly. Lil Nation was on Efil4zaggin. Although they have countless guestspots and soundtrack spots this is their only album. It was released in 1990 and was entirely produced by MC Ren (the only production I'm aware of him being credited for) and Young D. Classic pre g-funk west coast shiggity.

1 "Ballad of a Menace"
2 "C.P. Osis"
3 "Ren's Rhythm"
4 "Flow to the Rhythm"
5 "The Wall"
6 "Homicide"
7 "Somethin' Like Dis"
8 "The Movement"
9 "This Beat Is Funky"
10 "Gangsta Melody"




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