Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Penthouse Players Clique - Paid The Cost (1992)

Great album from this Ruthless Records group. Produced entirely by DJ Quik with one track having him join up with none other than Battlecat to laid some fire. The rapping on here is nice as well as future Mackadelics member Tweed Cadillac and his partner in rhymes Playa Hamm keep it pimpin'.

1. N-Trance
2. Undaground
3. Chekmate
4. Trust No Bitch (feat. DJ Quik, AMG & Eazy-E)
5. U Cain't Check Me
6. Jealous Knuckle Heads
7. Just 2 Kep Yo Attenchun (feat. D-Nasty)
8. P.L.F.
9. Blak Iz A Poet
10. Explanation Of A Playa
11. They Don't Know
12. Nathan's Changed
13. P.S. Phuk U 2 (feat. DJ Quik)
14. Smooth
15. Handle Yo Bizness
16. Pimp Lane
17. X-It



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