Monday, April 20, 2009

Question and Freddie Joachim - Study Guide (2009)

New joint album from Question and Freddie Joachim. This album is smooth and jazzy instrumentals just full of soul. Freddie Joachim absolutely kills this album with amazing song after amazing song.

1 Autumn (Question)
2 A Maze (Freddie Joachim)
3 Early Grey (Question)
4 Calm (Freddie Joachim)
5 Conte (Question)
6 Cool Down (Freddie Joachim)
7 Deedsy (Question)
8 Foolish (Freddie Joachim)
9 Sun Light (Question)
10 Sholder Kiss (Freddie Joachim)
11 Rainy Day (Question)
12 Virgo (Freddie Joachim)
13 Spiked Punch (Question)
14 The Jade (Freddie Joachim)
15 Thanks Chunk (Question)
16 MY Breakdown Lady (Freddie Joachim Live Drum Outro By Question)
17 Sun Kiss (Freddie Joachim)

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Buy this album, the work from Freddie Joachim is exceptional and must be supported. We will have a link back up for this in a few months or so. Meanwhile just buy this shit. Its phenomenal in every way.


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