Wednesday, April 15, 2009

U.D.I. - Unda Da Influence

Self titled debut from U.D.I., this is some smooth G-Funk, mobb music to those who really want to get technical. They are part of The Unexpected with 11/5, Cold World Hustlers and Big Mack.

Dogday Records (1995)

Produced by Mr. Laid

1. Intro (feat. O.G. Kevi Kev)
2. Rata-Tat-Boom
3. All I Think About (feat. Pookie)
4. It's Goin' Down (feat. Iyesha)
5. Money Madd
6. Unda Da Influence
7. Don't Fake The Funk (feat. Reg & T.M.S.)
8. Gangsta Gangsta
9. Dogday Afternoon (feat. Baldhead Rick, Big Vic & Primo)
10. Da City Was Made For Me (feat. 11/5)
11. On That Level
12. Six Digit Figures (feat. Cold World Hustlers)
13. Brotha Luv
14. Tennis Skirts
15. Taking Da Roach Home
16. Laid Made
17. Outro



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