Friday, January 1, 2010

Deep Thinkers - Necks Move (2004)

With a name like the Deep Thinkers, you know you're in for some socially conscious Hip-Hop. Composed of MC Aaron Sutton and DJ Kyle Dykes, this duo makes politically charged music with lush funk and jazz production. Necks Move is a captivating album that contemplates our humanity with forthright intelligence. If you approach this record with an open mind, it can really make you rethink things.

1. Building
2. Rock the Beat
3. Burn 'Em Up
4. The Technicolor B-Boy Slide Show Ft. Beatbroker
5. Here We Are
6. Movin On Ft. Approach
7. Stand Strong Ft. Jimmy Dykes
8. We Live In Kansas City And... Ft. Mac Lethal
9. Kiss the Sky
10. Bottled Slaughter
11. Here One Minute
12. Suggestions
13. War of Words
14. Interruption With Substance Ft. SoundsGood
15. Search and Destroy


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