Friday, January 8, 2010

Reggae Friday - Don Carlos - Time is the Master (1979)

Amazing roots vocalist Don Carlos has a large plethora of albums and Time is the Master is one of my favorites. This album is Don Carlos backed by The Aggrovators band. Roots reggae at its finest here.

1. Spread Out
2. Ababajoni
3. It A Go Ram Jam
4. Groove With Me
5. Make The Heathen Love Jah
6. Johnny Big Mouth
7. The Girl Is Too Regular
8. Money And Women
9. My Baby Love Only Me
10. Back Way With Mix Up
11. Better Must Come
12. Stop Fussing And Fighting
13. Lazer Beam
14. Sattamassagana
15. Rivers Of Babylon
16. Sweet Afrika
17. Too Late To Turn Back
18. Late Night Blues
19. Tribulation
20. Sweet Music



Anonymous said...

hey thanks, i've been trying to get into this guy's music, this is a great collection of chunes...

Anonymous said...

reparen el link por favor gracias

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