Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paul Desmond - Bossa Antigua (1994)

Paul Desmond was a jazz saxophonist/composer who is probably best known for composing The Dave Brubeck Quartet's biggest hit, "Take Five". Bossa Antigua is translated from Portugese to mean "old thing", and it's name rings partly true because it has a bossa nova ("new thing", a common Brazilian style of jazz) foundation, but with a lot of old flavor to it. Even if you aren't a fan of jazz music, it's hard not to enjoy this record.

  1. Bossa Antigua
  2. O Gato
  3. Samba Cantina
  4. Curacao Doloroso
  5. Ship Without Sail
  6. Aliancia
  7. The Girl From East 9th Street
  8. Samba Cepeda
  9. O Gato: Alternative Take


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