Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andre Nickatina - Conversation With a Devil (2003)

This is probably my favorite album under the Andre Nickatina name and is definitely the most listened to of all his albums whether it be Dre Dog or Andre. Nobody sets the song's atmosphere as well as Dre Dog and his stories are engrossing. Couple that with probably the most diverse and in control flow ever and you are bound to create some timeless music as we have here.

1. Conversation With a Devil
2. Fly Like a Bird
3. Rise and Fall of a Rap Cat
4. Pick-Cha
5. Dice of Life (The Bottle)
6. 5th Gear
7. Soul of a Coke Dealer
8. God and the Stripper
9. Falcon and the Snowman
10. Summer in Florida
11. Yo - Andre Nickatina, Sam Quinn
12. Fist Full of Dollars "Green Eyes"
13. Train With No Love
14. Nino Did the Cartah
15. Show Gone Wrong




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thank you!!
great album

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