Monday, January 18, 2010

Klondike Kat - Mobbin' Muzik Melodies (1997)

Produced by Klondike Kat & Icey Hott

This album can be best defined by the name of the second track; South Coast Funk. The G-Funk influence isn't hard to distinguish, but its added its own unique flavor to it. Klondike Kat (named after an obscure cartoon character) is very talented; producing, singing most hooks and rapping all over this album.

1. Intro
2. South Coast Funk
3. Classical Hip Hop
4. Rat Head (Snitches) (feat. Big 20 & Icy Hott)
5. Playin' Wit Yo Life
6. Fiends Come Out
7. Ghetto Baby
8. Stay With Me (Feat. J.A.M.)
9. Sleepwalker (feat. PSK-13, Lil' Keke & H.A.W.K.)
10. Loc'ed Out Drop Top (feat. Burton Boyz & Icey Hott)
11. Material Life
12. Gas Chamber (feat. Icey Hott)
13. Murder Script II: Murder For Money (feat. A.C. Chill, Blunt, Dope E, Felony, Ice Lord, K-Rino, Lil' Flea, Lil' V, Point Blank, Ski Bo & Tech-9)



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