Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Da King and I - Contemporary Jeep Music (1993)

Some classic gritty NY hip hop, this albums uses a lot of popular samples from this time period like The Isley Brothers. This a gem from 1993 that gets looked over due to the large amount of classic music made at the same time.

1. Contemporary Jeep Music
2. Let's Take a Trip
3. Flip Da Scrip
4. MC Asshole (Interlude 1)
5. Krak Da Weazel
6. Amusement Park (Interlude 2)
7. Brain 2 U
8. Tears
9. Soul Shack (Interlude)
10. Ghetto Instinct
11. Mr. All That
12. Jazz Skit (Interlude 3)
13. This Is How We Do
14. Izzy Sings Da Blues (Interlude 4)
15. Lost My Mind
16. Represent
17. Crack Da Weasel (Dat Other Shit)
18. What's Up Doc



Anonymous said...

Dope album though there are too many interludes..

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