Tuesday, June 22, 2010

King Zigg Zag - Korduroy Killaz (2010)

This is an instrumental LP from a fellow online friend. This shit is just chock full of super nice beats. The link is to his bandcamp where you can download it for free. For those that have never used bandcamp you will have to enter your email address and they will send you the link in the email. Once you click that link it will start the download for you after about 30 seconds. Enjoy!

1. Cherry Soda (Hold It Down) 02:33
2. Rhythm (It's Life) 03:48
3. Dopeman Blues (187-NARC) 04:52
4. Funk (In The Trunk) 01:05
5. Never Say Never 05:06
6. Pin The Tail (On The Honkey) 03:18
7. The World (7 Grams) 03:12
8. No Favors 04:07
9. From The Grime 01:49
10. Ronny Regs (Stemz) 03:04
11. Inside My Love (And Yo Mouf) 02:05
12. In The Dungeon (Korduroy) 04:03



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