Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lord Finesse - The Awakening (1996)

A classic album in its own right and easily one of my favorite DITC albums, The Awakening is everything I love about NY 90's hip hop. Grimey and full of some of the best punches known to man. This is the best solo work from Lord Finesse as it is the most polished and versatile sounding album he made. This one is a must own.

1. Da Sermon (Intro)
2. Time Ta Bounce - (with Doo Wop)
3. True And Livin'
4. O' Lord - (with O.C.)
5. Brainstorm/P.S.K. - (No Gimmicks Remix, with KRS-One/O.C.)
6. Taking It Lyte - (with MC Lyte)
7. Gameplan
8. Words From Da Ak - (with Akinyele)
9. Flip Da Style
10. Showtime - (with Showbiz)
11. Speak Ya Peace - (with Marquee/Diamond/A.G.)
12. Food For Thought
13. Da Kid Himself - (with Kid Capri)
14. Hip 2 Da Game
15. No Gimmicks - (with KRS-One)
16. Actual Facts - (with Grand Puba/Large Professor/Sadat X)



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