Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sha Stimuli - My Soul To Keep (2009)

This hip hop album is cohesive, passionate and an extremely entertaining listen. Its honest, humorous and flows effortlessly. Sha Stimuli dropped a gem and his execution on this LP is excellent.

1. Duction
2. Hang On Ft. The Astronomical Kid
3. My Soul
4. Blasphemy
5. Do It For The Doe
6. Move Back Ft. Freeway And Young Chris
7. I Wish I Was You Ft. Bellringer
8. The Smelly Cat Son
9. What’s Wrong With That? (Wake Up The World) Ft. Torae
10. Good Day
11. I Believe
12. Have You Seen Him?
13. My Girl Ft. Khaliq
14. Bucket List
15. Sometimes
16. Follow The Leader



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