Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Roc Marciano - Marcberg (2010)

Roc Marciano finally released the long awaited Marcberg LP in 2010. He produced the record himself and is the only artist on the record except for one guest verse from KA. This album is very simplistic sounding in regards to the production which puts a heavy emphasis on his rhyming style and vocals. Roc has a very slow flow and his rhymes are all about imagery. While this album isn't for everybody its one of my personal favorites from 2010.

1. Pimptro
2. It's A Crime
3. Whateva Whateva
4. Raw Deal
5. We Do It feat. KA
6. Snow
7. Ridin Around
8. Panic
9. Thugs Prayer
10. Pop
11. Jungle Fever
12. Don Shit
13. Marcberg
14. Hide My Tears
15. Shoutro

The link keeps getting taken down. I will create a new one eventually.


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