Monday, October 5, 2009

Diafrix - Concrete Jungle (2009)

I got a lot of respect for The Diafrix. These guys went from struggling African refugees, to established artists at the centre of the Australian Hip-Hop scene. There aren't many rappers with that kind of experience, and it definitely sets them apart. Musically this album mixes Reggae, Afro-beat, & World music with danceable Hip-Hop. Check it out.

1. Time Will Tell
2. Concrete Jungle
3. Mr. Shakongo
4. Esl Ft. 1_6
5. Crazy Ft. N'fa
6. In Tha Place Ft. Mantra - C
7. African Affair
8. Birth of Hip-Hop
9. Mama Africa (Djarbi) Ft. K
10. Out of Control
11. Let's Go
12. Dangerous Ft. Nadee
13. So Upset Ft. Traffik
14. Redemption


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