Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Singapore Kane - Living Militant (2009)

Some solid east coast hip hop for ya from 2009.

1. Whatever I Wanna Do
2. Livin’ Militant
3. Sufferer
4. Mollywhopped (feat. Big Shug)
5. Rise Up (feat. Big Shug)
6. Bust Ya Sh-t
7. Street Legends (feat. Chan)
8. Fastlife
9. Summer In The City
10. Superstar
11. You And What Army
12. Don’t Take It Personal (feat. Big Shug)
13. Inner City Youth
14. Stop Playin’
15. You Understand

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Mo-Dilla said...

Nice. I remember hearing about this guy back in the day off the track Street Legends (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcduB1Etbtg). Lookin forward to hearin this.

bless said...

yeah, i've been feelin his sound for a minute. when's the next joint droppin?

Mo-Dilla said...

Just so everyone knows, this album is fucking amazing, OMG

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