Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wax Tailor - In The Mood For Life (Instrumentals) (2009)

These are the instrumentals for In The Mood For Life and I much prefer them to the original album. Wax Tailor has amazing way around the music and it really shines with the absence of the vocals. If you want to hear both discs just buy the album and you will have both the original and the instrumental.

1. City Vapors (Instrumental)
2. Dragon Chasers (Instrumental)
3. Already Begun (skit)
4. B-Boy on Wax (Instrumental)
5. Street Scent (skit)
6. No Pity (Instrumental)
7. Dry Your Eyes (Instrumental)
8. Masquerade Theme (skit)
9. Until Heaven Stops The Rain (Instrumental)
10. More Songs (skit)
11. Leave It (Instrumental)
12. Escape Theme (skit)
13. Go Without Me (Instrumental)
14. This Train (Instrumental)
15. Sit & Listen (instrumental)
16. Fireflies (Instrumental)
17. Say Yes (Instrumental)
18. I Own You (Instrumental)
19. Greenfields (Instrumental


**the link got taken down, gonna have to buy for now


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